Theorists have long claimed that our ancestors could not have formed large societies and cities without fear of vengeful gods to motivate people — but this controversial new study says otherwise.
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, Oct 2nd 2019 (1:42am)
A pastor wearing a colander on his head offered the opening prayer on behalf of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster to open a local government meeting in Alaska, the latest blessing from a nontraditional church since a court ruling.

May his noodly appendage bless you.
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Tuesday, Sep 24th 2019 (12:06am)
A religious celebration was marred by tragedy this week as a man participating in a traditional Islamic mourning ritual accidentally killed himself.
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Sunday, Sep 15th 2019 (12:00am)
Secular organizers started their own congregations. But to succeed, they need to do a better job of imitating religion.
By: spam_vigilante
Tuesday, Jul 30th 2019 (12:14am)
The creationist responsible for Kentucky's Ark Encounter - a museum set inside a replica of the Biblical Noah's Ark - is warning children about the dangers posed by libraries.
By: spam_vigilante
Sunday, Jul 7th 2019 (12:00am)
Doubt Your Beliefs? Have Questions About Changing Or Leaving Your Faith?
You Are Not Alone, And We Are Here To Help.
By: spam_vigilante
Thursday, Jul 4th 2019 (3:28am)
Several attendees at a government meeting open to the public in Alaska walked out in protest after an opening prayer praised Satan.

The Associated Press reports the prayer, where a woman declared “Hail Satan,” was given by Satanic Temple member Iris Fontana, who won the right to open the meeting with an invocation of her choice.
By: spam_vigilante
Friday, Jun 21st 2019 (4:09pm)
... to Show the Other Side of the Church.
Okay, this is just kooky. Would you part with $3700 for a pair of rubber soled shoes (second entry)?
Well, several preachers are spending aplenty. Perhaps two multi-million dollar mansions and two private jets are not enough opulence (see Joel Osteen).
By: spam_vigilante
Thursday, Jun 13th 2019 (12:00am)
So the original Noah's big boat could handle 40 days and 40 nights of rainfall, huh?
Maybe the recreation should have been built to such enduring standards?
By: spam_vigilante
Friday, May 24th 2019 (5:01pm)
There are several Conservative principles that I respect and admire. This ain't one of them.
Perhaps these legislators ought to read the First Amendment sometime.
By: spam_vigilante
Thursday, May 2nd 2019 (4:37am)
You've got rats. A short and comical video clip (<2 min) on how to best get rid of them.
By: spam_vigilante
Sunday, Apr 28th 2019 (12:01am)
We are pleased to announce that for the very first time in history, a satanic organization has been recognized by the United States federal government as being a church. The Satanic Temple recently received notice from the IRS affirming our status. This acknowledgement will help make sure the Satanic Temple has the same access to public spaces as other religious organizations, affirm our standing in court when battling religious discrimination, and enable us to apply for faith-based government grants.
By: dave
Friday, Apr 26th 2019 (12:00am)
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Yeah, this article is almost a year old. That means that this grifting bunch have probably gotten worse.
By: spam_vigilante
Thursday, Apr 18th 2019 (12:00am)
By: spam_vigilante
Sunday, Mar 31st 2019 (12:00am)
Perfect. All-powerful. All-knowing. The idea of the deity most Westerners accept is actually not coherent.
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, Mar 27th 2019 (12:13am)
Is this the cruelest cut, or perhaps these myths have to stop?
By: spam_vigilante
Thursday, Mar 21st 2019 (2:09am)
... and attending fetish orgies hosted by a fellow clergyman who was defrocked.
Surprisingly safe for work. Just a news article.
By: spam_vigilante
Monday, Mar 18th 2019 (12:00am)
A couple hundred metalheads with kazoos converged on the state Capitol on Monday morning to defend one of their own by drowning out a small group of Westboro Baptist Church members.
By: dave
Thursday, Mar 14th 2019 (12:00am) | Thanks: sepharo
I never really thought about a cross as a war memorial before. If a surviving family wanted a cross, a crescent moon, or a star of David, (or nothing) on the individual grave marker, I was perfectly okay with that.
Now, we have an issue brought up by the American Humanist Association, where a giant cross might indicate religious superiority.
By: spam_vigilante
Thursday, Feb 28th 2019 (12:15am)
As the West becomes more and more secular, and the discoveries of evolutionary biology and cosmology shrink the boundaries of faith, the claims that science and religion are compatible grow louder. If you’re a believer who doesn’t want to seem anti-science, what can you do? You must argue that your faith – or any faith – is perfectly compatible with science.
By: spam_vigilante
Monday, Jan 14th 2019 (4:23am)
Ghanaian preacher Daniel Obinim has been filmed performing a ritual where he moves around a room full of men, grabbing them each by the crotch.

In some cases, he will keep hold of their penises and give them a little shake.

Graciously, he also offers to massage women’s breasts in order to enlarge them too.
By: spam_vigilante
Sunday, Nov 18th 2018 (12:00am)
On the one hand, Jesus died for our sins and that is a BFD. On the other hand, he died for our sins, which means he knows how much we love to sin, which means he sacrificed himself so we could lie and steal and make crappy jokes he may or may not have laughed at (who could presume to know the Chosen One’s sense of humor?)
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, Nov 14th 2018 (12:00am)
Yeah, sure it's NSFW. It's fucking Minchin.
By: spam_vigilante
Saturday, Nov 10th 2018 (9:52pm)
Recently, a darling toddler named Magdalena was baptized in a Catholic Church, unfortunately she wasn’t too happy about being dunked in water against her will
By: spam_vigilante
Monday, Aug 20th 2018 (12:01am) | Thanks: Karen

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