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Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the 'Log. I wanted to inform everyone about a little known email technology that initially had me thinking my emails were being monitored by the government (and they are!) I certainly was unaware of it, as I am sure are most of you, so I wanted to bring it to your attention.

So, I recently emailed my senator urging him to "take a closer look" at the Cheney/bush foreign policy with regard to a possible/Probable war with Iran. I received a thoughtful and point-by-point response from our nation's chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and within a week it had disappeared from my Outlook completely. "Conspiracy!" sez I, then I find this. According to the site, this tool (one of many, it seems) allows the sender virtually unlimited control of any email sent, including, but not limited to, time-delayed self destruct of said email. Mission Impossible? Nope. Just your government doing your thinking for you. Again.
FYI: Senator Levin's (D-Michigan) email essentially spelled out an extreme attention to the issue of Iran that amounts to a wholesale swallowing of the Cheney/bush line regarding that country. They're fucked and us with 'em.
By: timmy242
Thursday, Oct 25th 2007 (1:46pm)
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