Never fucking forget. Tragedy promotes unity.
By: dave
Monday, Sep 11th 2017 (12:00am)
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dave From: dave SAINTS, BABY!!!
Date: 9/11/17 @ 10:07 AM
In case you didn't know the story behind this particular image, it was taken by Frank Culbertson, the only American in space on Sept. 11, 2001.
spam_vigilante From: spam_vigilante Ignore me at your own peril
Date: 9/12/17 @ 02:39 AM
Nice pic and backdrop story on it.

See that narrow line on the uptown side of Manhattan? That's the GW Bridge. I'm on the Jersey side and a two minute walk from there, a good 15 miles north of Ground Zero.
On Sep 11, 2001? I was living in San Jose, CA. I drove into work at around 8am PT and both buildings were already rubble. I listened to the radio as Greg Kihn was the shock jock morning DJ. He broke the news to me. I immediately tuned into KCBS for the details. Most of the reports that I heard on my short drive to work were from of all people, John Madden. Madden had done the prior night's football game and gave incredible detail.
I watched TV at work with about 30 people. I couldn't get any work done. I tried furiously to call my daughter for three days because she lived in lower Manhattan at the time. I could not get through. Finally, I got a call from her as the cell lines started to clear up. She was okay.

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