How Pixar Lost Its Way
The golden era of Pixar is over. It was a 15-year run of unmatched commercial and creative excellence, beginning with Toy Story in 1995 and culminating with the extraordinary trifecta of wall-e in 2008, Up in 2009, and Toy Story 3 (yes, a sequel, but a great one) in 2010. Since then, other animation studios have made consistently better films.
By: dave
Tuesday, May 16th 2017 (12:00am) | Thanks: digg
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spam_vigilante From: spam_vigilante Ignore me at your own peril
Date: 5/16/17 @ 01:16 AM
Disney ruins everything. Just look at the Muppets and Star Wars. Their most interesting rides at their parks, they take down.
Idjits, I tells ya. Idjits run the asylum.

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