Buzz Aldrin Punches Bart Sibrel
Watch this little 1:46 clip of the then-72-year-old ex-astronaut to the end for a very satisfying moment. Conspiracy "reporter" Sibrel gets his bell rung after harassing Aldrin mercilessly.

On September 9, 2002 moon landing denier Bart Sibrel followed Apollo 11 astronaut Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin out of a Hollywood hotel and relentlessly harassed him about whether he actually landed on the moon. Buzz reacted. Many have seen the short clip of the actual punch, but note how much verbal confrontation preceded it. Sibrel has pulled similar stunts with many other Apollo astronauts.

No charges were filed, those details are here

By: spam_vigilante
Friday, Dec 30th 2016 (12:00am)
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