This Texas burger chain is trolling Kanye West's Twitter
Just when you thought the Twitterverse couldn't get any weirder... Whataburger makes it even more wonderful.
By: dave
Monday, Feb 22nd 2016 (12:02am) | Thanks: mattrmcg
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From: anonymous
Date: 2/22/16 @ 04:30 AM
* must say that overall I am really impressed with this blog. It is easy to see that you are passionate about your writing. If only I had your writing ability I look forward to more updates and will be returning
dave From: dave SAINTS, BABY!!!
Date: 2/22/16 @ 05:58 AM
Oh goody, more spammers.
spam_vigilante From: spam_vigilante Ignore me at your own peril
Date: 2/22/16 @ 03:20 PM
Effen spam. I want to smack every one of these Bozos.

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