We seem to get a big mess of confusion in the United States every four years when it comes to presidential elections.

If you want a good read on the topic, you will find that both of the major political parties divvy up their delegates in a moderately unfair fashion in order to nominate a candidate.

According to the 2016 rules, the Dems need 2382 delegates out of 4763 total, of which 712 delegates are unpledged (superdelegates)

According to the 2016 rules, the Republican Party nominee needs 1237 delegates out of 2472 total delegates. But each state gets at least 10 at-large delegates who are not committed and additional ones. Some states are winner-take-all and others apportion their delegates by percentage (sounds fairer to me).

The bottom line? There are only five or six states in play when it comes to the Electoral College in the general election anyway. Is anyone here naive enough to think that the 55 electoral votes in California are going to go Red or that the 38 electoral votes in Texas are going to switch Blue in 2016?
By: spam_vigilante
Saturday, Feb 20th 2016 (9:01am)
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