A Hot Take on the Steamy History of the Jacuzzi
The L-shaped building on the corner of San Pablo Avenue and Page Street in Berkeley is currently occupied by Fenton MacLaren, a home furnishing store run by two brothers. ("Fenton MacLaren" comes from the middle names of Scott and Ken Parker.) They've been a successful family business for over 30 years, which is a long stretch, particularly for a city in the midst of a gentrification changeover. But it's nothing compared to the site's previous tenants, another band of entrepreneurial brothers.

This location is the site of the old Jacuzzi Brothers machine shop, home to an ever-expanding family of Italian immigrants who experienced triumph, tragedy, fame, great wealth, and then poverty. The Jacuzzi's influence on American culture is hard to overstate, though: Few can claim to infiltrate the national vernacular in such a profound and memorable way. Before there was Netflix-and-chill, there was a large tub filled with steamy bubbles, and room for two.
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Friday, Oct 9th 2015 (1:12am)
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