Science? Evolution? In Texas?
Victory for evolution in Texas. Creationism drowns in a vile pool of its own putrid excrement.
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, Aug 3rd 2011 (4:05am)
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dave From: dave SAINTS, BABY!!!
Date: 8/3/11 @ 05:37 AM
As a native Texan - and product of the Texas education system - you cannot imagine how much of a relief I find this news. I was beginning to lose hope.
spam_vigilante From: spam_vigilante Ignore me at your own peril
Date: 8/3/11 @ 06:26 AM
I'm naturalized. Lived there for more than seven years.
The bigger news is how powerful their school system buys are for book publishers. It very much affects the other 49. And thus, I am very pleased to have presented you with this link.
As the Little Feat song goes, Texas ain't bad. It's just a whole 'nother world... Paris, Athens, Egypt, Rhome, Dublin, Frisco...

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