Busted in Austin
When I was growing up in south Texas, we weekended in a small town called Rockport, where my parents kept their boat. Rockport had a weekly newspaper called 'The Toast of the Coast Herald', and the cover of the Herald was always full of the week's DWI mugshots. The editor of the Herald's goal was to publicly expose and humiliate the week's drunk drivers - a tactic I wholly agree with and enjoy seeing implemented. I've always thought we should bring back the public stocks, and this was a media-based version of that.

Looks like that spirit is still alive and well, as has taken that concept and run with it, albeit with all manner of criminal. Stuff like this is why, even for all its faults, I loves me some Texas and insist on going back there to spend my remaining years.
By: dave
Wednesday, Jun 3rd 2009 (7:15am) | Thanks: brady
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BigAl From: BigAl
Date: 6/4/09 @ 07:10 AM
There's a lot to be said for public shaming keeping the crime rates down. I've read that cultures that use this tactic have lower crime rates. No one wants to be paraded around in front of your colleagues wearing the handcuffs!

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