2009-2010 NFL Pick'Em

dave From: dave SAINTS, BABY!!!
Date: 9/3/09 @ 04:57 PM
NFL SEASON IS UPON US! It's been a few years, but we all used to play a Yahoo Pick'Em league here at the 'log, and it's high time we restarted that tradition. So, join us as we haphazardly pick weekly winners over at Yahoo Fantasy Sports and sign up. We're group # 43080 and the password is v3. It's totally free and we'll even have a prize for the winner at the end of the season that will be NFL-related and worth at least what it costs to ship to ya!

This Pick'Em stuff is nowhere near as involved or complicated as actual fantasy sports, so give it a shot. We're set to drop the two lowest weeks for each player, so even if you sign up late or miss a week or two, you're not fucked. Everyone is welcome, even you anonymous folks.
dave From: dave SAINTS, BABY!!!
Date: 9/13/09 @ 05:54 PM
Now that I've rummaged through my closet and verified that I do indeed still have it, the prize for this year's Pick'em is this 1991 Upper Deck Brett Favre rookie card from their Star Rookie collection, cased, in near mint condition. The case is a little grimy - it went through a fire, remember - but the card is perfect except for a slight crease on the bottom right corner. This card in similar condition is currently selling for around 30 bucks at this place. If/when he finally retires for good and gets into the Hall of Fame, it's guaranteed to soar in value.*

1. Prize will be awarded to the single player with the highest accumulated points for the complete regular season + any post-season games (if a playoff Pick'em is offered) after each player's two lowest scoring weeks have been dropped.

2. In the event of a tie, and the tied players are located in Phoenix, players will arm wrestle in a single-out contest. If tied players are not all located in Phoenix, each player must submit a 100-word essay on the topic 'Why I deserve this rookie card instead of that guy', to be judged by the league's commissioner. The commissioner's decision will be swift, just, and final.

3. If the winner is located in Phoenix, the prize will be hand-delivered by the commissioner. If the winner is outside of Phoenix, the prize will be mailed via some carrier that's not the USPS, at the league commissioner's expense.

*not really
dave From: dave SAINTS, BABY!!!
Date: 11/2/09 @ 05:10 AM
Heads up, we had a dropout. Corn Kings asked me to remove him from the league, as he doesn't have his own computer and hasn't had the ability to make his picks for the past month.

Next year, buddy.
dave From: dave SAINTS, BABY!!!
Date: 1/3/10 @ 08:48 PM
Unfortunately, Yahoo offers no playoff extension, or even a stand-alone playoff pickem, so this is the end of the road. Since I was trying to get rid of the damn card anyway but ended up winning it back, it will roll over to next season's pickem, which is now looking like it may have TWO grand prizes.

This season was a blast - lookin' forward to next year already! Keep an eye out in this thread for news.
SackBlabbath From: SackBlabbath
Date: 1/7/10 @ 09:57 PM
Congrats Dave! I had "the card" in my sights...dropped the ball :(
dave From: dave SAINTS, BABY!!!
Date: 1/7/10 @ 10:29 PM
Next season, man!

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