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by dave, 03/28/09

So, a long time ago in a media company far far away, I worked with a fella named Evil Ed. Ed was a minor - very minor - internet celebrity in the arena of gaming, and ran a website with reviews, bimbos, and videos on it.

For a short while, I had to maintain that site, and in the process of doing so learned that Ed was, in fact, a whiny little bitch. After one particularly grueling day of dealing with his shit, I registered a domain and knocked out a little flash doodad for it to vent. It defaults to Ed's name, but you can actually use it to put anyone in the same bitchboat as Ed.

Just type their name in the field below and hit 'submit' - then copy the resulting URL and paste it into an email to all your friends. Be sure to giggle like a schoolgirl jacked up on pez while stabbing at the 'send' button.

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