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A Texas man was wounded after he fired a gun at an armadillo in his yard and the bullet ricocheted back to hit him in his face, the county sheriff said Friday.
By: dave
Friday, Aug 4th 2017 (12:00am) | Thanks: rabbs
In a bid to raise awareness of the raw deal women get over reproductive services, Texas politician Jessica Farrar has proposed a bill that would fine men $100 per offense for masturbating without a sanctioned medical environment.
By: dave
Tuesday, Mar 14th 2017 (12:00am) | Thanks: bashturn
My friend Kate posted some very good reasons to stay away from the western side of DFW and Tarrant Country in general.
By: spam_vigilante
Monday, Mar 28th 2016 (12:00am)
Summing it up? To open carry or concealed carry, you need to take a safety course and pass it successfully. This seems like fairly common sense legislation.
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, Dec 30th 2015 (2:04pm)
It stands unadvertised on the outskirts of a remotely north Texas city and yet remains the most familiar roadside attraction in the state. If it weren't for the Alamo, it just might be the most familiar attraction period.

For more than 30 years, Cadillac Ranch has lured sightseers into a dusty Amarillo wheat field with the promise of offbeat nostalgia. Though it was dreamed up after the Mother Road fell into obsolescence, this work of art captures in perfect spirit the character of bygone Route 66 kitsch.
By: spam_vigilante
Monday, Nov 30th 2015 (2:44am)
"Science? We don't need no stinking science in our schools. We need more Jesus. Prayer will save our nation."
Uh, sure. And Jesus will drive you far further behind India, Russia, and China. Good move. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord.
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, Sep 10th 2014 (12:02pm)
What's a Pastafarian you say? Well, humm, this guy.
By: ZiB
Friday, Aug 30th 2013 (12:00am) | Thanks: /.
Big Tex, the 52-foot-tall cowboy that's stood over the Texas State Fair for the past 60 years burned to the ground today. His size 70 boots will be impossible to fill. This is a dark day in Texas history.
By: dave
Friday, Oct 19th 2012 (10:12am) | Thanks: mefi
Victory for evolution in Texas. Creationism drowns in a vile pool of its own putrid excrement.
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, Aug 3rd 2011 (4:05am)
Looks like our fearless leader left before the light show; I would have loved to see this in person!
By: ZiB
Friday, May 13th 2011 (5:28am)
Christopher Elton Campbell killed 24-year-old Renee Horton in a DWI crash, and was just sentenced to 10 years probation with a catch: he must always wear a bracelet with her name on it and spend holidays, her birthday, and the day he killed her in jail.
By: dave
Monday, May 2nd 2011 (12:00am)
A Taco Bell customer enraged that the seven burritos he ordered had gone up in price fired a BB gun at an employee and later fired an assault rifle at officers before barricading himself in a motel room, police said.
By: dave
Tuesday, Mar 22nd 2011 (12:13am) | Thanks: FakeWorest
...but probably not for the reason you think. People with guns get into the capitol building faster.
By: dave
Tuesday, Jan 11th 2011 (12:05am)
I mean, sure, you can expect the march of progress over 20+ years, but this promotional video that I can only assume came from the Chamber of Commerce's tourism department leaves me a bit less than eager to return to that sparklin' city by the sea.
By: dave
Tuesday, Aug 24th 2010 (12:13am)
(more)   [Comments: 0]
See, this is why we give shotguns to toddlers back in the homeland. Friggin' gators are everywhere.
By: dave
Thursday, Oct 8th 2009 (5:25am)
When I was growing up in south Texas, we weekended in a small town called Rockport, where my parents kept their boat. Rockport had a weekly newspaper called 'The Toast of the Coast Herald', and the cover of the Herald was always full of the week's DWI mugshots. The editor of the Herald's goal was to publicly expose and humiliate the week's drunk drivers - a tactic I wholly agree with and enjoy seeing implemented. I've always thought we should bring back the public stocks, and this was a media-based version of that.

Looks like that spirit is still alive and well, as has taken that concept and run with it, albeit with all manner of criminal. Stuff like this is why, even for all its faults, I loves me some Texas and insist on going back there to spend my remaining years.
By: dave
Wednesday, Jun 3rd 2009 (7:15am) | Thanks: brady
Being a born n' bred Texan, I'm certainly no stranger to the concept of the buried-school-bus-underground-bomb-shelter-slash-wine-cellar-slash-secret-clubhouse, but stashing a stolen bulldozer underneath a golf fairway? That's a new one.
By: dave
Friday, Mar 13th 2009 (7:17am)
In Texas, however, they end at the valet.
By: dave
Friday, Feb 20th 2009 (12:10am)
Ok, maybe not, but that's what the signs say anyways.
By: dave
Friday, Jan 30th 2009 (4:52am) | Thanks: hellvis
Not only that, a well-put explanation on why we Texans get all pissy if you put beans in your chili.
By: dave
Monday, Dec 8th 2008 (9:31am)
Thanks to Texas' stringent election deadlines, Libertarian Bob Barr is the only person on the Texas ballot in the upcoming election. Obama and McCain missed the boat.
By: dave
Thursday, Aug 28th 2008 (1:15am)
You see it as something to crap through. Barney Smith sees it as potential art.
By: dave
Friday, Jun 27th 2008 (12:08am)
The time-honored tradition of scratching your back with your gun claims another victim.
By: dave
Wednesday, May 14th 2008 (5:45am)

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