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By: dave
Monday, Jul 9th 2018 (12:00am) | Thanks: mefi
Scientists are finally starting to understand the centuries-old mystery of “ballooning.”

Read on regarding our arachnid friends.
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Saturday, Jul 7th 2018 (7:32am)
So a horse walks into a bar. The bartender asks him, "Why the long face?"

No, this is not a joke. This is the result of a University of Sussex study.
By: spam_vigilante
Friday, Jun 29th 2018 (12:31am)
How do our aminal friends in DC eat? Just like the lobbyists and elected fatcats: Only the finest will do. Here is a look at the epicurean delights served up at the National Zoo.
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Saturday, Jun 16th 2018 (4:39am)
Roxy, the Long Island Railroad Dog. He knew every train and its schedule, and how to get where he wanted to go.
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Tuesday, May 29th 2018 (12:00am)
By: dave
Saturday, May 26th 2018 (12:00am) | Thanks: mefi
VICE magazine interviews Gideon, the 9-year-old kid who loves to pet dogs and has posted their pictures on his blog I've pet that dog! for the last couple years.
By: dave
Monday, May 21st 2018 (12:00am) | Thanks: mefi
Because Tigers, lions, leopards (and every other species of cat) spend so much time grooming themselves, we decided to show them what they look like and we got some hilarious results!

From our friends at Big Cat Rescue.
By: spam_vigilante
Saturday, May 19th 2018 (10:45pm)
An Australian behavior modification study has recently shown that sharks will respond favorably to jazz, but are baffled by classical music. Get with the program, Bruces - there's more to music than just eating to bebop.
By: dave
Monday, May 14th 2018 (12:00am)
This Mother's Day, learn how a wildlife photographer formed an unusual connection with a bobcat family in Texas.
By: dave
Sunday, May 13th 2018 (12:00am) | Thanks: digg
A report of a tiger running amok in the streets of Manhattan briefly caused a social media frenzy early Thursday, as reporters scrambled to find photos of the ferocious feline and warn civilians to stay out of the area. Turns out, it was a raccoon.
By: dave
Friday, Apr 13th 2018 (12:00am)
An ornithologist turned an ultraviolet light on a bird and found that its beak lit up like a glow stick at a rave, so he designed sunglasses for them.
By: spam_vigilante
Tuesday, Apr 10th 2018 (12:07am) | Thanks: Mefi
Animal rescuers in Britain said a cat that spent three days stranded in a tree was brought back to earth -- only to flee up another tree.
By: dave
Monday, Apr 9th 2018 (12:00am)
On this unique island in Japan, you can actually spend the day with several friendly long eared hares. With a much larger-than-usual population of rabbits, visitors are able to get up close and even feed the captivating little guys! Although there is great debate as to how the island became overrun with bunnies, there is no denying how adorable they are!
By: spam_vigilante
Saturday, Mar 24th 2018 (12:46am)
A beautiful and rather vocal African grey named Einstein celebrated her 30th birthday at the Knoxville Zoo by demonstrating some of her favorite impressions while being fed a steady stream of sunflower seeds in between. Encouraged by her human keeper Adam Patterson, Einstein happily barked like a dog, whispered a secret, booed like a ghost, blew a kiss and said goodbye to all the nice folks.
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Wednesday, Feb 28th 2018 (12:00am) | Thanks: Squid
A dwarf hamster named Pebbles may be the latest victim of a change in policy. Pebbles’s owner, student Belen Aldecosea, was set to fly from Baltimore to Florida back in November, and says she was assured by a Spirit Airlines representative that she could bring Pebbles on the plane as an emotional support animal. However once on board the flight, she was told that rodents were not allowed.
By: spam_vigilante
Thursday, Feb 22nd 2018 (12:00am)
A plucky cow that was being taken to an abattoir in Poland managed to escape after swimming to safety on an island. The farmer, known only as Mr Lukasz, tried for a week to get the cow back but has given up and is now caring for her on the island, where he makes sure she has enough food.
By: dave
Tuesday, Feb 20th 2018 (12:00am)
Consider, then, the life and death of Nigel - a gannet who spent the last few years of his life alone on Mana Island, surrounded by concrete decoys.
By: dave
Monday, Feb 5th 2018 (12:00am) | Thanks: itsnick
Spoiler for this clip: You won't believe which is the predator.
By: spam_vigilante
Sunday, Jan 28th 2018 (12:00am)
The dromedaries paraded down a dusty racetrack as judges rated the size of their lips, cheeks, heads and knees. Crowds of men watched from the bleachers, hooting when the beasts representing their own tribe loped down the track. A dozen beasts have been disqualified from this year's Saudi "camel beauty contest" because their handlers used Botox to make them more handsome.
By: dave
Tuesday, Jan 23rd 2018 (4:34am)
A new study suggests that certain species of birds in Australia have figured out a way to spread fires in order to terrify - and eventually eat - their prey.
By: dave
Tuesday, Jan 9th 2018 (2:53am)
Sleep is universal in the animal kingdom, but each species slumbers in a different — and often mysterious — way. Some animals snooze with half their brain, while others only sleep for two hours a day (without even suffering sleep deprivation!). Ed Yong guides us through the latest research on how creatures catch their z’s.
By: spam_vigilante
Sunday, Jan 7th 2018 (12:02am)
Great Big Story meets Brian Edwards, an airport operations supervisor at Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, Michigan, and his real-life Air Bud, Piper, who's tasked with the important job of keeping planes safe from bird strikes.

"Birds can pose a huge threat to flight safety, but when they see Piper on his way, geese, ducks and gulls flee the runways. It’s an important job, but not one without its share of fun."
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Tuesday, Dec 19th 2017 (3:37am) | Thanks: Tastefully Offensive

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