India's richest man, Mukesh Ambani, is planning a palace in the heart of Mumbai with helipad, health club, hanging gardens and six floors of car parking.
By: boho-daddy
Friday, Jun 1st 2007 (2:16pm)
Hell, if he's turning out beautiful work like this, let him smoke whatever the hell he wants. Wow.
By: Dave
Tuesday, May 1st 2007 (8:16am)
Treehouse Massage in Austin offers massage therapy in a $50,000 treehouse.
By: boho-daddy
Friday, Apr 27th 2007 (10:22am)
Moscow's South West area will be graced by a giant flying saucer-shaped building "Galaktika" (Galaxy), which will "hover" over the busy intersection of Michurin and Lobachevski streets. It will include a shopping center, hotel, plenty of parking and even helicopter landing pads.
By: Dave
Thursday, Mar 29th 2007 (9:13am)
The Texas Capitol building has a private apartment for the Speaker of the House. Its renovation with private funds has been a recent controversy in these parts, especially since it's not accessible to the public. Here are the first photos of this super-secret space. As expected, it's pretty damn swanky.
By: boho-daddy
Monday, Mar 26th 2007 (9:44am)
In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, the historic Stardust casino in Las Vegas was brought down. Although it marked the end of an era in casinos, it made for one hell of a show.
By: Dave
Friday, Mar 16th 2007 (6:36am)
Well, we had our implosion event yesterday, but some Austinites were disappointed in the outcome. Some parts of the structure didn't really implode, they just kind of , ummmm....bent over.
By: boho-daddy
Monday, Feb 26th 2007 (4:46am)
(more)   [Comments: 0]
The so-called "Intel Shell" has been uglying up downtown Austin for years, but now it's over. On Sunday, the unfinished building will be blown up to make way for a new Federal Courthouse. Don't care much for courthouses, but believe me, when the building comes down, I'm there! I'll post up some video next week for all you non-Austinites.
By: boho-daddy
Thursday, Feb 22nd 2007 (3:35pm)
How about 335 grand for a closet in London?
By: boho-daddy
Tuesday, Jan 23rd 2007 (11:09am)
I wonder if the bathrooms are always in the same spot.
By: J20
Thursday, Oct 5th 2006 (1:57pm)
Don't say "asshole", say "Inflate"!
By: Mr._Dog
Saturday, Jun 10th 2006 (7:13am)
So the house is moving along, they're getting ready to replace windows and put the walls back up. We met with the contractors at the house this morning and finalized the plans, and now that it's too late to make any more changes... I stumble across this. Oh well, next time.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Mar 1st 2006 (12:08am)
Apart from lions, Kenya boasts the Giraffe Manor, a top-notch hotel built with the local aminals in mind.
By: Dave
Monday, Feb 27th 2006 (7:15am)
We are almost at the 100 day mark with no rain in the valley and very little snow in the high country here in Arizona. So we really should consider building one of these in the desert!
By: J20
Wednesday, Jan 18th 2006 (10:48am)
Never really thought of putting this place on my list of places to go for vacation. In a few years it will be a place to go for sure. (I wonder what the Muslims would think of my tin foil hat)
By: J20
Thursday, Jun 30th 2005 (1:47pm)
So, I have a really nice LCD-projected home theater in my house, with a room totally dedicated to it - sweet setup, but not as sweet as Steve Jenkins'.
By: Dave
Monday, Mar 28th 2005 (4:25am)
My obsession with pod-like structures has led inevitably to bomb shelters.
By: boho-daddy
Monday, Mar 7th 2005 (3:48am)
They're modular, portable, and globular....but you hang 'em in trees! Introducing Free Spirit Spheres! Boy oh boy, do I want one of these.
By: boho-daddy
Monday, Feb 21st 2005 (9:49am)
Well, dear friends, I will be temporarily absent, having not paid the cable bill in full since before Thanksgiving. Yes, the bastards are banishing Boho from the intar-web 'til I pay 'em off. Here's a the last post I'll be making until my triumphant return. 'Til we meet again.....
By: boho-daddy
Monday, Jan 17th 2005 (7:47am)
This post was inspired by Scooter's latest thread. But it's different; an abandoned estate that was restored to its' former glory.
By: boho-daddy
Tuesday, Jan 11th 2005 (12:01am)
Yesterday, I posted a bit with an abandoned hospital, and was gooing about how baaaadass the forgotten stuff is.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to present to you the UK Motherload.

This shit is soooo goddamn cool.
By: scooter1979
Saturday, Jan 8th 2005 (1:05pm)
...I wanna live in the garage!
By: Dave
Monday, Dec 13th 2004 (12:12am)
Artists, architects, and designers have long dreamed of futuristic cities. Recently, Living Tomorrow has unveiled the latest version of the "House of the Future". Neat, but I get irritated with the "wired house" aspect of modern architecture. Do we really need our homes to be high-tech fortresses? Personally, I'd much prefer living in an old-school Futuro pod.
By: boho-daddy
Tuesday, Nov 16th 2004 (9:06am)
Meet Robert Bruno, creator of the amazing Steel House. His masterpiece was recently featured alongside other modernist gems in a gallery exhibition of homes from the pages of DWELL Magazine. Make sure to look at the slideshow and video!
By: boho-daddy
Wednesday, Oct 20th 2004 (9:34am)

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