Sometimes you just want to amaze people with knowledge that is best left in your head. Ah, fsck 'em. Tell everyone about these Legendary Farts. You'll be glad you did.
By: chimpy
Friday, Aug 16th 2002 (11:56pm)
There's nothing I hate worse than giving a sexy line to a hottie at a bar... your eyes meet... she is waiting on your every word... and you can't remember an appropriate synonym for poop.
By: chimpy
Friday, Aug 16th 2002 (11:52pm)
One thing that really pisses me off is when I finally find a pen that I like to write with - let some tool borrow it to sign something and I never see it again. Fear not, my friends... because once again.... poo is the answer.
By: chimpy
Tuesday, Aug 6th 2002 (10:30pm)
Strange Foreign Objects Found in Dog Feces!
By: Madkow
Tuesday, Jul 16th 2002 (11:08pm)
There it was. My bowels had exploded. A log the size of a mulberry tree has ripped through my ass into the toilet below. These are the stories when poop goes bad!
By: chimpy
Friday, Jun 21st 2002 (7:37pm)
I like Gevalia for my coffee, coke for my soda, home-grilled for my burgers, but I can't make up my mind on poop paper.
By: chimpy
Friday, Jun 21st 2002 (7:33pm)
Yeah, everything's just fine until someone has to poop so bad that madness takes over.
Been there, done that.
By: chimpy
Friday, Jun 21st 2002 (7:29pm)
If you have to stomp on the floor to pinch out a loaf, pound down a pile of kiwi fruit and you'll be spray painting the bowl in no time!
By: Dave
Friday, Jun 14th 2002 (12:30am)
By: Dave
Wednesday, Jun 5th 2002 (12:06am)
If the habits is like narcotics, we all - addicted. And I am your detox. Because I break your limiting rules. Because I'll eat your shit. I am.
By: Dave
Friday, May 31st 2002 (12:06am)
That's right! Poop Pals come complete with Gourmet Jelly Beans that Poop Pals will poop out of their REAR END !!!
By: Dave
Tuesday, May 28th 2002 (12:20am) - your integrity based source for enema supplies and information!
By: Dave
Thursday, May 9th 2002 (12:14am)
This is probably the coolest birthday cake I have ever seen in my X years of being alive... for me to POOP on!
By: chimpy
Tuesday, May 7th 2002 (10:32pm)
When visiting Japan, don't be a clueless gaijin and forget to bring a bucket to the shower. And whatever you do don't use the fart hole bucket.
By: chimpy
Monday, May 6th 2002 (10:58pm)
Yeah lady, like none of us have ever farted while talking on the phone for Christ's sake. Sheesh.
By: chimpy
Monday, May 6th 2002 (10:53pm)
You better be REAL CAREFUL in the restroom for now on... you can slip on your own shit and die!
By: chimpy
Wednesday, Apr 24th 2002 (8:54am)
Don't you know that 2/3 of the world SQUAT while they take a dump? Here's the product to help you out.
By: chimpy
Monday, Apr 22nd 2002 (7:09pm)
Here's one from the 'sucks-to-be-those-guys' department: Sewage Truck Contents Explode.
By: Dave
Monday, Apr 15th 2002 (12:36pm)

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