The convergence of toys and smut was inevitible. Have some softcore Lego porn!
By: Dave
Thursday, Aug 8th 2002 (12:20am)
Oh, how cool is this: a remote-controlled car with a video camera on it and a monitor on the controller. Now you can drive without having to keep the car in your line of sight, or spy on that hottie next door while she's sunbathing!
By: Dave
Monday, Jul 29th 2002 (12:19am)
Not even the mighty Green Lantern can take Aquaman down!
By: Dave
Thursday, Jul 25th 2002 (12:06am)
Good god, these are some grisly fucking dolls. You could seriously traumatize a kid with one, or better, yet, 50 - in the middle of the night, all surrounding the bed.
By: Dave
Saturday, Jul 20th 2002 (12:36am)
In a time where complaints about violent video games turning kids into cold blooded killers is the flavor of the month, it seems odd that a toy could have been made in 1971 that prompted such outrage that it makes Quake and their ilk pale in comparison.
By: Dave
Saturday, Jul 13th 2002 (12:09am)
Little girls love playing with dolls, and that's a good thing - it lays the groundwork for parenthood skills. Thanks to Downs Syndrome Dolls, they can also prepare for the occasional birth defect.
By: Dave
Monday, May 27th 2002 (12:08am)
Ever wondered what you would look like if you were a Lego-man? With the Mini-Mizer, you can find out!
By: Dave
Friday, May 3rd 2002 (12:08am)
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What, you need to hear it twice?? LITE BRITE!!!
By: Dave
Monday, Apr 22nd 2002 (11:44pm)

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