At least you don't make your wage getting gut-punched by tense drunks.
By: Dave
Friday, Sep 12th 2003 (7:15am)
But, look on the bright side - at least you didn't have the interview from hell that surprisingly led to the job from hell, like Joe the Peacock did.
By: Dave
Monday, Aug 4th 2003 (12:54am)
So in the spirit of the passing holidays I give one last verbal goodbye! Drop dead you fat, ignorant, arrogant, self-hating, your hot wife will probably never make love to you again, alcoholic, drug-addicted, crotch-sniffing, wasted driving while the kids are in the car, malignant-tumoured, issue-plagued, middle-aged bastard. May your liver sit you down one day and take a strip off your ass like you do to me for no apparent reason!
By: faedra
Thursday, May 29th 2003 (10:02pm)
Look bitch, nevermind that stuff I did at my other jobs. You are going to give me this damn job! I'm going to forgive you for the rejection letter you sent me, okay?
By: chimpy
Monday, May 5th 2003 (10:41pm)
...because the BEST job any of you could possibly want is right here!
By: Hellvis
Wednesday, Mar 26th 2003 (6:22am)
I was laying in bed last night and I realized , "Some crazy shit happens at work". I was then inspired to dedicate this journal to tell the stories that happen at my porn shop. There are a lot of insane things that happen at this place.
By: Hellvis
Monday, Feb 24th 2003 (6:03pm)
Way back when I was between non-tech jobs, I applied for a job workin the counter at the Castle Boutique, a local smut shop chain. I didn't get the job (I think my sense of humor cost me that one), but I've always wondered what that experience would have been like. Here's a lady who keeps fun notes about her daily grind at the porno barn.
By: Dave
Saturday, Jul 20th 2002 (1:27am)

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