It wasn't a gun that saved hunter Keith Ellis' life - it was his knife. Ellis, 41, escaped serious injury Monday when a .243-caliber bullet grazed his hip and hit his knife while he was hunting near his home in a rural part of Augusta.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Dec 3rd 2002 (1:01am)
A family friend who linked the PCs of two brothers together was attacked with an axe after one suspected he'd hacked into his machine, a Scottish court heard today.
By: Dave
Monday, Nov 11th 2002 (12:02am)
While staging a tree-sitting protest to save a giant redwood tree, a young activist lost his grip and fell to his death.
By: Dave
Monday, Oct 14th 2002 (12:44am)
Once again, columnist Dave Barry makes some very good points, this time about the US Government's War on Tobacco.
By: m0j0
Monday, Sep 16th 2002 (1:52pm)
A five-year-old Sicilian boy decided to put a piece of wisdom into practice and tore up 1 500 (about R14 700) [$1,486] in cash after being told that money doesn't buy happiness.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Sep 10th 2002 (12:01am)
M$'s new game Age Of Mythology is being hyped with a contest, where the winner gets a free trip to Greece. Someone should clue them in that in Greece, all computer games are illegal!
By: Dave
Saturday, Sep 7th 2002 (12:06am)
The Salinas Fire Department's administration center caught fire Wednesday night. Firefighters quickly put out the blaze, but not before parts of the building suffered significant smoke damage. The twist? The structure didn't have any sprinkler, alarm or smoke detection systems.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Sep 3rd 2002 (12:12am)
A fire still burned at the Kingsford Charcoal Plant Friday. Fire crews said the plant, on U.S. 27 just south of Burnside, had been burning since about 5:00 pm the evening before.
By: Dave
Monday, Sep 2nd 2002 (8:11am)
A creamatorium burned down in Colorado, destroying everything except the body in the oven.
By: Dave
Thursday, Jun 27th 2002 (12:31am)
Monopoly maker accused of monoply - oh, the irony is delicious!
By: Dave
Saturday, May 11th 2002 (12:22am)

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