In an extended view, Craig shows us that you never know what those zany Defense Secretaries might do.
By: J20
Tuesday, Nov 14th 2006 (2:31pm)
Check this video - actually a commercial - for a fairly accurate account of the fun side of being a programmer in cubicle hell.
By: Dave
Monday, Jul 24th 2006 (12:15am)
Meet Mariah, a waitress with a crippling phobia - she's deathly afriad of pickles.
By: Dave
Monday, Jul 3rd 2006 (6:15am)
Learn how to do Bruce Lee's famous one inch punch.
By: Scott
Monday, May 1st 2006 (8:55am)
By: Hellvis
Wednesday, Mar 3rd 2004 (1:18am)

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