Like what, you ask?

How about skating UNDER 40 cars? Yeah.
By: Dave
Friday, Aug 10th 2007 (8:06am)
While we're sweltering away in the brutal heat of summer, take a minute and hark back to the glory of winter.
By: Dave
Monday, Aug 6th 2007 (12:01am)
Ever seen Andy Warhol eating a cheeseburger? I thought not.
By: Dave
Friday, Aug 3rd 2007 (6:34am)
Old people driving - when not plowing into farmer's markets - is funny.
By: Dave
Monday, Jul 30th 2007 (3:53am)
Friday! Crank it up, it's time to headbang into the weekend with Iron Maiden!
By: Dave
Friday, Jul 27th 2007 (6:47am) sit all the way through this. G'wan, do it, ya big puss!
By: Dave
Thursday, Jul 26th 2007 (12:12am)
You just gotta love the yootoob. Where else could you watch 1500 Philippino prisoners doing Thriller?
By: Dave
Monday, Jul 23rd 2007 (6:11am)
...and the government forgot to make a back-up.

Good thing I got the entire internet saved on punchcards in my closet! :)
By: SackBlabbath
Thursday, Jul 19th 2007 (5:41pm)
Petey Greene shares the finer points of eating watermelon. Petey also just recently had a movie made about his life.
By: Dave
Thursday, Jul 19th 2007 (12:26am)
A solid message in a surprising wrapper.
By: Dave
Monday, Jul 9th 2007 (12:01am)
Totally disregarding the, uh, effects of eating these things, this time-lapse video of Psilocybe cubensis is quite zen.
By: Dave
Monday, Jul 2nd 2007 (8:06am)
Here's a magician who works with a laser. Pretty amazing stuff!
By: Dave
Thursday, Jun 28th 2007 (6:43am)
If you're a golfer, filming your game can help you locate problems with your technique... and verify that yes, that was in fact a squirrel being chased by a bird that just ran across the green.
By: Dave
Monday, Jun 25th 2007 (5:57am)
The film follows our life journey from cradle to grave and shows how much each of us eats, drinks, uses and consumes over our lifetime.

p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8, p9
By: J20
Monday, Jun 11th 2007 (9:31pm)
Take one part karaoke, plus one part youtube, plus one part retards and you get these hilarious music videos. I laughed till I peed. Here is an especially chuckle worthy version of Mother.
By: Scott
Saturday, Jun 9th 2007 (8:46pm)
And he is fucking PISSED!
By: Scott
Friday, Jun 8th 2007 (12:03am)
100, 99, 98, 97, 96, 95....
By: J20
Tuesday, May 22nd 2007 (1:18pm)
(more)   [Comments: 0]
Here's an interesting video that plainly shows what the REAL message is behind Steve Winwood's contemporary rock stylings.
By: Dave
Tuesday, May 15th 2007 (12:03am)
So I'm standing outside in the free smoking zone by my bowling alley, and this nerdlinger comes up to me and starts babbling about the Hoff and this video of him all hammered trying to eat a burger while his kid is bitching him out for being a drunken waste.

Nerdlinger was right, it's a painful watch.
By: Dave
Monday, May 14th 2007 (12:45am)
These people are amazing...

yo yo - contact juggling - soccer juggling - bmx - motorcycle
By: J20
Sunday, Apr 29th 2007 (7:55pm)
The year is 1978, and thanks to Jaws, the world has shark fever. A team of industrious 12-year-olds decided to make their own shark flick in stunning Super8. Well done, kids!
By: Dave
Tuesday, Apr 24th 2007 (6:09am)
If this isn't a videogame, it should be. Settle back for this awesome CG short on WWII mechs.
By: Dave
Thursday, Apr 19th 2007 (12:01am)
Not much, lemme tell ya. This qualifies, though.
By: Dave
Friday, Apr 6th 2007 (2:51pm)

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