By: dave
Wednesday, Oct 31st 2007 (6:12am)
Never put salt in your eyes.
Put salt in your eyes.
Always put salt in your eyes.
By: dave
Tuesday, Oct 23rd 2007 (2:13am)
Two things you should never skip when starting you day off right: exercise and breakfast!
By: dave
Monday, Oct 15th 2007 (1:02am)
MOM! Sir Humpalot Barkburger keeps fuckin' up my little dance video!
By: Dave
Monday, Oct 8th 2007 (6:23am)
Get the insulin ready, it's kitties singing inspirational songs!
By: Dave
Tuesday, Sep 18th 2007 (6:16am)
I think dave has seen everything in this video. Have you?
By: J20
Saturday, Sep 8th 2007 (7:40pm)
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Oh man, is this your lucky day.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Sep 4th 2007 (1:00am)
By: J20
Monday, Sep 3rd 2007 (10:14am)
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Nice photo montage identifies Assholes of the World.
By: boho-daddy
Wednesday, Aug 29th 2007 (11:11am)
In space, nobody can hear you howl.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Aug 29th 2007 (6:52am)
Mario and Luigi suck a pubescent teen into Nintendo Land to teach him about the birds and bees.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Aug 28th 2007 (6:04am)
Like what, you ask?

How about skating UNDER 40 cars? Yeah.
By: Dave
Friday, Aug 10th 2007 (8:06am)
While we're sweltering away in the brutal heat of summer, take a minute and hark back to the glory of winter.
By: Dave
Monday, Aug 6th 2007 (12:01am)
Ever seen Andy Warhol eating a cheeseburger? I thought not.
By: Dave
Friday, Aug 3rd 2007 (6:34am)
Old people driving - when not plowing into farmer's markets - is funny.
By: Dave
Monday, Jul 30th 2007 (3:53am)
Friday! Crank it up, it's time to headbang into the weekend with Iron Maiden!
By: Dave
Friday, Jul 27th 2007 (6:47am) sit all the way through this. G'wan, do it, ya big puss!
By: Dave
Thursday, Jul 26th 2007 (12:12am)
You just gotta love the yootoob. Where else could you watch 1500 Philippino prisoners doing Thriller?
By: Dave
Monday, Jul 23rd 2007 (6:11am)
...and the government forgot to make a back-up.

Good thing I got the entire internet saved on punchcards in my closet! :)
By: SackBlabbath
Thursday, Jul 19th 2007 (5:41pm)
Petey Greene shares the finer points of eating watermelon. Petey also just recently had a movie made about his life.
By: Dave
Thursday, Jul 19th 2007 (12:26am)
A solid message in a surprising wrapper.
By: Dave
Monday, Jul 9th 2007 (12:01am)
Totally disregarding the, uh, effects of eating these things, this time-lapse video of Psilocybe cubensis is quite zen.
By: Dave
Monday, Jul 2nd 2007 (8:06am)
Here's a magician who works with a laser. Pretty amazing stuff!
By: Dave
Thursday, Jun 28th 2007 (6:43am)
If you're a golfer, filming your game can help you locate problems with your technique... and verify that yes, that was in fact a squirrel being chased by a bird that just ran across the green.
By: Dave
Monday, Jun 25th 2007 (5:57am)

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