While the video of this old fella not quite making it up the escalator is pretty choice, they unfortunately cut away just before you could see the geyser of blood showering down from where he was dragged under the floorplate at the top.
By: dave
Wednesday, Nov 14th 2007 (5:11am)
The teens these days are all about these new energy drinks.

Me, I just don't get it.
By: dave
Monday, Nov 12th 2007 (5:05am)
Don't be - this one is the coolest of them all: Super Mario Brothers Theme played on duelling Tesla coils!
By: dave
Wednesday, Nov 7th 2007 (4:45am)
...from Tim Burton and Marilyn Manson!
By: dave
Wednesday, Oct 31st 2007 (6:12am)
Never put salt in your eyes.
Put salt in your eyes.
Always put salt in your eyes.
By: dave
Tuesday, Oct 23rd 2007 (2:13am)
Two things you should never skip when starting you day off right: exercise and breakfast!
By: dave
Monday, Oct 15th 2007 (1:02am)
MOM! Sir Humpalot Barkburger keeps fuckin' up my little dance video!
By: Dave
Monday, Oct 8th 2007 (6:23am)
Get the insulin ready, it's kitties singing inspirational songs!
By: Dave
Tuesday, Sep 18th 2007 (6:16am)
I think dave has seen everything in this video. Have you?
By: J20
Saturday, Sep 8th 2007 (7:40pm)
(more)   [Comments: 0]
Oh man, is this your lucky day.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Sep 4th 2007 (1:00am)
A film by Stevo Payne & John Godwin.
By: J20
Monday, Sep 3rd 2007 (10:14am)
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Nice photo montage identifies Assholes of the World.
By: boho-daddy
Wednesday, Aug 29th 2007 (11:11am)
In space, nobody can hear you howl.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Aug 29th 2007 (6:52am)
Mario and Luigi suck a pubescent teen into Nintendo Land to teach him about the birds and bees.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Aug 28th 2007 (6:04am)
Like what, you ask?

How about skating UNDER 40 cars? Yeah.
By: Dave
Friday, Aug 10th 2007 (8:06am)
While we're sweltering away in the brutal heat of summer, take a minute and hark back to the glory of winter.
By: Dave
Monday, Aug 6th 2007 (12:01am)
Ever seen Andy Warhol eating a cheeseburger? I thought not.
By: Dave
Friday, Aug 3rd 2007 (6:34am)
Old people driving - when not plowing into farmer's markets - is funny.
By: Dave
Monday, Jul 30th 2007 (3:53am)
Friday! Crank it up, it's time to headbang into the weekend with Iron Maiden!
By: Dave
Friday, Jul 27th 2007 (6:47am) sit all the way through this. G'wan, do it, ya big puss!
By: Dave
Thursday, Jul 26th 2007 (12:12am)
You just gotta love the yootoob. Where else could you watch 1500 Philippino prisoners doing Thriller?
By: Dave
Monday, Jul 23rd 2007 (6:11am)
...and the government forgot to make a back-up.

Good thing I got the entire internet saved on punchcards in my closet! :)
By: SackBlabbath
Thursday, Jul 19th 2007 (5:41pm)
Petey Greene shares the finer points of eating watermelon. Petey also just recently had a movie made about his life.
By: Dave
Thursday, Jul 19th 2007 (12:26am)

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