Oh man, did they pile up this week! Here, have some video!

best song evar | treadmill shrimp | simon's cat live | kazookeylele | spiderdog | moskau translated | sexual harassment | baby wee wee pee pee | best man | chicks with guns
By: dave
Wednesday, Oct 15th 2008 (12:11am)
I'm in dental hell today, so don't expect much from me - I can, however, lay the weekly pile of vids on ya... so here we go!

making biscuits | hitler trick bike | bananas vs cats | hot ninja chick | plastic jesus | of montreal | laser kitten
By: dave
Wednesday, Oct 1st 2008 (6:56am)
There's a mighty pile of video waiting to roll today - let's get to it!

tuck in that shirt | escalator skiing | stormtrooper smash | lollywood 70s | musical road | tom waits | street fight | prairie dog
By: dave
Wednesday, Sep 24th 2008 (5:07am)
Let's see what nuggets have been pulled from the video goldmine this week!

stealth cat | slide | printer cat | batman shops | spider cat | menstruation
By: dave
Wednesday, Sep 17th 2008 (6:49am)
If you didn't catch last night's football game, here's the gash that howled out the national anthem and got her no-talent ass booed off the field.
By: dave
Tuesday, Sep 16th 2008 (12:49am)
(more)   [Comments: 1]
Whoa, what a pile of video we have this week! Let's get to it!

bridgestone | amputee ballet | herbal toothpaste | trek boat | zen farts | canteloupe cart | unicycle breakdown | ar-15 | star wars punks | yyz keys
By: dave
Wednesday, Sep 10th 2008 (5:04am)
Time again for a reach into the video grab bag. Let's go!

white rolls royce | news tip | waffle bike | bye bye birdie | end of all things
By: dave
Wednesday, Sep 3rd 2008 (4:21am)
Video dump time again! HNNNGGGGH!

fire skating | do something, cat | toy story | lyrebird | weng weng
By: dave
Wednesday, Aug 27th 2008 (7:19am)
It's been a couple weeks, but the streaming slag has finally built up enough that it's time to purge. THUSLY:

walking on sunshine | dr camel | armless bowler | sanitary pads | tink vs rc mouse | jumping on eggs | emo contacts
By: dave
Wednesday, Aug 20th 2008 (5:42am)
It's wee because frankly, I don't have much stuff set aside for it. I've been crazy busy at work and it's seriously affected my fuckin' off time. So, here you go, it's a small offering, but damn cute.

Kitty vs chihuahua | Kitty vs fan | Moose vs sprinkler
By: dave
Wednesday, Aug 6th 2008 (7:15am)
Ready for the pile of video I've come across in the past week but never got around to posting? No? Too bad.

Dinner Time for Kitty | Fucking Cell Phone | Folding Chairs | Suicide Park | Start
By: dave
Wednesday, Jul 23rd 2008 (5:30am)
Time again to purge my list of groovy video from the past week that never quite got posted. Let's go!

Rush '79 | Sand Biking | Shooting Stars | Hello Nasty | Psycho Girl | Reclining Biker
By: dave
Wednesday, Jul 16th 2008 (12:07am)
Here ya go, the week's worth of video leftovers from my desk:
Incredible Dark Iron Hulk Knight Man | Both Sides Now | Chainsaw Maid | Weird Dance | Stars and Stripes Forever
By: dave
Wednesday, Jul 2nd 2008 (6:05am)
Tech Support Humor at it's finest. Starring Redhat Linux, Windows XP, Apache, Exchange and Special Guest: Halo
By: dave
Tuesday, Jul 1st 2008 (12:08am) | Thanks: billv
Put the damn cat down and turn up the volume - here's the weekly pile of video flotsam from my desk.
People Getting Punched Right Before Eating | Groovy IHOP | Hick Snoop | Escalator Donuts | Puts Out For NIN | Sorry
By: dave
Wednesday, Jun 25th 2008 (12:07am)
It's been a pretty good week for videos already, but here's a few more that have piled up on my desk. Some of these are probably NSFW.

cellphone popcorn | norm duke | common people | exercise | toe jam | bikini zone
By: dave
Wednesday, Jun 18th 2008 (2:08am)
There's a time to work, and a time to fart off watching videos. Guess which this is!
Machine Girl | Mentos Trap | FUCK SALT | Zombie Yoga | Imperial Floppy
By: dave
Wednesday, Jun 11th 2008 (5:52am)
No? Well then, today is your lucky day.
By: dave
Tuesday, Jun 10th 2008 (6:44am) | Thanks: mr t
Here's another choice little pile of video from the week's excursions:

Raspberries | Pop and Lock | Bike Safety | Daft Hands | Clutch Cargo | Zombie Family
By: dave
Tuesday, Jun 3rd 2008 (7:26am)
Here's a sweet little pile o' vids to while away your hump day!

hall of the mountain king | treadmill kitties | what the f | jump pants | rod and balls | mfsb soul train
By: dave
Wednesday, May 21st 2008 (12:07am)
I've never seen a man have this much fun with his balls...
By: BigAl
Thursday, May 1st 2008 (12:02am)
But the special ingredient is a secret.
By: ZiB
Wednesday, Apr 30th 2008 (11:45am)
When a 7 year old boy steals his grandmother's car, his mama must be SO PROUD!

I particularly love his self-righteous attitude....
By: BigAl
Wednesday, Apr 30th 2008 (4:37am)

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