How will Obama spend his first 100 minutes in office? MAD knows.
By: dave
Tuesday, Jan 13th 2009 (4:43am)
Former Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra wrote a pretty solid manifesto of where we are and what needs doing in an open letter to the president-elect via the site. Compelling read.
By: dave
Monday, Dec 22nd 2008 (12:40am)
By: dave
Thursday, Sep 11th 2008 (12:15am)
The United States is an illegal occupying force that should hand the 132 islands of Hawaii back to the monarchy overthrown more than a century ago, according to members of a Native Hawaiian sovereignty movement.
By: dave
Monday, Jun 30th 2008 (12:06am)
State nicknames are so outdated, they don't accurately reflect the flavor of their respective regions any more. If only there was a list of updated names. If only...
By: dave
Wednesday, Dec 19th 2007 (5:44am)
Harper's Magazine proposes a different approach to getting the country turned around.
By: Dave
Friday, Sep 28th 2007 (12:04am)
America! FUCK YEAH!
By: Dave
Monday, Sep 24th 2007 (7:08am)
The Habeas Corpus Restoration Act will help restore some of the civil liberties that made this country great. It's being debated this week. Currently the act has 54 of the 60 votes needed to stop the Rep filibuster that's blocking its implementation.

Here's a list of who's in the way, including both of our Arizona senators. Call your senators today and start taking America back.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Sep 19th 2007 (8:02am)
By: Dave
Tuesday, Sep 11th 2007 (5:41am)
Florida man's business plans thwarted by crybaby neighbors; he exacts revenge via explicitly posed nude mannequins. Yeah, daddy, stick it to the man!
By: boho-daddy
Tuesday, Jul 31st 2007 (1:47pm)
Thanks to a new executive order, this post is now illegal.

Mmmmm. Seditiony.
By: Dave
Monday, Jul 23rd 2007 (5:58am)
Browse the finalists for America's Best Restroom Award 2007.
By: boho-daddy
Tuesday, Jun 26th 2007 (8:44am)
On a recent trip to Albania, Preznit Bush got his watch hooked. No doubt war will be declared in short order.

* name the reference for a gold star!
By: Dave
Wednesday, Jun 13th 2007 (6:41am)
...the biggest name in circus sideshow freakdom is 999 Eyes Carnival of the Damned.
By: boho-daddy
Wednesday, Jun 6th 2007 (6:40am)
Fred Reed gives a few observations of the USA from the outside looking in, and the view ain't pretty.
By: Dave
Monday, May 21st 2007 (8:03am)
Ted Nugent comments on the Virginia Tech massacre.
By: boho-daddy
Monday, Apr 23rd 2007 (8:27am)
Hmmm, here's one point of view.
By: J20
Tuesday, Mar 13th 2007 (3:52pm)
The Beast has put out its list of the 50 most loathsome people in America for 2006.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Jan 23rd 2007 (6:02am)
A renowned black magic practitioner performed a voodoo ritual Thursday to jinx President George W. Bush and his entourage while he was on a brief visit to Indonesia.
By: Dave
Thursday, Nov 16th 2006 (12:31pm)
The new chief of the FBI's Criminal Division, which is swamped with public corruption cases, says the bureau is ramping up its ability to catch crooked politicians and might run an undercover sting on Congress.
By: Dave
Monday, Nov 6th 2006 (5:16am)

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Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.
-- William Butler Yeats

By: Dave
Monday, Sep 11th 2006 (12:10am)
Federal Reserve: U.S. headed for bankruptcy
Report: Coming $65.9 trillion fiscal gap
5 times GDP, twice size of national wealth

By: J20
Monday, Jul 17th 2006 (12:46pm)

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