The...attack, which happened about 7 p.m., targeted a tribal gathering at the home of Sheik Hassan Bakdash, who was celebrating his surviving an assassination attempt a couple of days ago
By: Mr._Dog
Monday, May 23rd 2005 (2:52pm)
Hunter S. Thompson, undisputed father of gonzo journalism, unexpectedly shot himself in the head in February. In August, they expect to shoot him out of a cannon. Says his widow, "I'd like to have several explosions. He loved explosions."

By: Mr._Dog
Tuesday, Apr 5th 2005 (5:06pm)
A budding romance between a Jordanian man and woman turned into an ugly public divorce when the couple found out that they were in fact man and wife, state media reported.
By: Dave
Thursday, Feb 10th 2005 (5:39am)
And when I go to heaven ... GAAACK!!
By: scooter1979
Tuesday, Jan 11th 2005 (6:01am)
Last week in Jersey, a drunk driver was killed during a field sobriety test by... wait for it... a drunk driver.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Dec 21st 2004 (12:06am)
Ok, it's more freaky than ironic, but still: Twins each give birth to twins on the same day!
By: Dave
Wednesday, Dec 15th 2004 (12:10am)
A Boxer nicknamed the Harlem Hammer plead not guilty to killing a Boxing Writer with a hammer!
By: Scott
Saturday, Oct 23rd 2004 (12:08am)
Ev Mecham, Arizona's former wingnut governor who rescinded the MLK holiday and made Ross Perot look cognizent, has been institutionalized with dementia.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Oct 20th 2004 (7:12am)
And yet Alice Cooper wants you to buy school supplies. Go figure.
By: Dave
Saturday, Jul 10th 2004 (11:55am)
The Saudi Binladin Group has been short-listed to build the world’s tallest building. It is the only Arab company on the short-list for the construction of the 705-meter Burj Dubai in the emirate, scheduled for completion in 2008.
By: Dave
Tuesday, May 11th 2004 (5:48am)
In Flordia (surprise), a DEA agent giving a class on gun safety shot himself in the leg in the process of asking the audience to make sure his gun wasn't loaded.
By: Dave
Monday, May 3rd 2004 (12:02am)
Next time you're on fire, don't bother calling 911 - just go out front and wait for the bottle water man to come trucking up the street.
By: Dave
Monday, Mar 22nd 2004 (12:02am)
I used to love Metallica. Absolutely LOVE them. With them, there could be no wrong. But dammit, after Cliff kicked the bucket and the rest of em decided to get all pierced, stop drinking and cut their hair, they lost me for good.

Shortly after that, their drummer, Lar$, decided it would be wise to take on file-sharers head-to-head. Good luck you Dutch wanker...

Now, in an amazing 180-degree "DOH!", the guy goes and starts his own! Check it...
By: Hellvis
Monday, Mar 8th 2004 (1:11am)
Although, would have been funnier if he won it in a "Corpse Look-alike contest"
By: Jojo
Saturday, Jan 24th 2004 (8:11pm)
Endangered fish in Germany are being eaten by a protected species of bird. I'm betting you won't hear of this from the ASPCA, PETA, or any of the other animal rights nutcases out there.
By: boho-daddy
Friday, Nov 14th 2003 (2:20pm)
Actor Jim Caviezel has been struck by lightning while playing Jesus in Mel Gibson's controversial film The Passion Of Christ. Describing the second lightning strike, McEveety told VLife, a supplement of the trade paper Variety: "I'm about a hundred feet away from them when I glance over and see smoke coming out of Caviezel's ears."
By: j20
Tuesday, Oct 28th 2003 (12:46pm)
I absolutely love these kinds of stories. There's just no substitute for revenge.
By: boho-daddy
Monday, Oct 20th 2003 (10:49am)
Bush told his senior aides Tuesday that he "didn't want to see any stories" quoting unnamed administration officials in the media anymore, and that if he did, there would be consequences, said a senior administration official who asked that his name not be used.
By: Dave
Saturday, Oct 18th 2003 (12:22pm)
Rodney King, the black motorist whose beating by Los Angeles police was videotaped a dozen years ago, was arrested for allegedly punching his girlfriend, authorities said Tuesday.
By: j20
Wednesday, Oct 15th 2003 (4:03pm)
A fire truck that had just returned from the scene of a blaze caught fire itself at its station, destroying the building and the vehicle.
By: Dave
Friday, Sep 12th 2003 (7:11am)
Not only is this story deliciously ironic, it also says the word 'dong' a lot.
By: Dave
Monday, Jun 30th 2003 (12:06am)
A puppy named after England soccer star Jermaine Jenas is in the doghouse after chewing up his owner’s season ticket.
By: Dave
Monday, Mar 31st 2003 (6:29pm)
Kevin Mitnick, recently freed hacker and posterboy for ludicrously excessive judicial mismanagement, has a company. His company has a website. His company's website just got hacked. Funny old thing, life.
By: Dave
Thursday, Feb 13th 2003 (1:59am)
Alan Ralsky is the net's biggest spammer. After having his story told (and home address hinted at) in the freep, industrious readers started signing him up for catalogs and mailings - and now his new house is buried in junk mail on a daily basis.
By: Dave
Monday, Dec 9th 2002 (12:26am)

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