At the 2016 Rio Olympics, Canada's Derek Drouin took the gold in the high jump, with a leap of 2.38 m (7ft 10in). It was a stunning jump, but it fell 7cm short of the world record of 2.45m (8ft), set by Cuba's Javier Sotomayor way back in 1993.
As ever with our athletic feats, there are plenty of wild animals that leap far higher, reaching dizzying heights in a single bound.
There are two ways you can measure the highest jumps. The first is the absolute height an animal reaches. However, that tends to favour the largest animals, so the second option is to consider how high an animal jumps relative to its own size.
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Saturday, Aug 27th 2016 (5:35am)
Not even 1000 year old floods can kill these miserable creatures.

A Louisiana man captured footage of millions of ants banding together to form a "raft" in Baton Rouge floodwaters.
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Tuesday, Aug 23rd 2016 (12:01am)
Spectacular aerial footage shows wild horses stampede across Arizona desert leaving plumes of dust in their wake. The horses were running in the Gila River Indian Reservation south of Phoenix.
By: dave
Monday, Aug 22nd 2016 (12:05am) | Thanks: sunny
This man photographs Maine Coon cats and makes them look like majestic mythical beasts.
By: Sunny
Sunday, Aug 14th 2016 (3:29pm)
If you thought the Lyre Bird was a good mimic, you're in for a treat. This clip will bring your heart to your mouth as you wonder at how close orangutan behaviour is to our own. From the BBC documentary series, Life of Mammals.
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Saturday, Aug 13th 2016 (12:00am)
If you've hung around here for any length of time, you're well aware that we're keen on wildlife cams - streaming eagles, bears, kittens, and what have you. Outside Online shares our passion, and has put together this handy list of their 7 favorite live wildlife cams. Prepare your data plans!
By: dave
Friday, Jul 29th 2016 (12:01am) | Thanks: mefi
Look at this piece of shit. Sitting on my porch like a proudly purchased bumper sticker for running a half marathon that she didn't finish. Asshole.
By: dave
Thursday, Jul 28th 2016 (12:00am)
That was so awesome. They should totally do that again.
By: dave
Tuesday, Jul 12th 2016 (4:07pm) | Thanks: AdmrlCapnPrwlr
One of the great things about alligators is that you never have to worry about them jumping out of trees at you... Or not...
By: dave
Monday, Jul 11th 2016 (12:00am) | Thanks: arbroath
Five years ago at this site, I saw the same for dogs
No matter. Here are what cats are saying to us with their body language.
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Wednesday, Jun 29th 2016 (1:11am)
Now the internet names animals.
By: Sunny
Wednesday, Jun 29th 2016 (12:00am)
Dolphins are clever and sociable, but they also have a dark side that will make your hair stand on end.
By: spam_vigilante
Tuesday, Jun 21st 2016 (12:16am)
So which is it? Most people I know say that a snake sheds its skin but which is it? Let's find out from a credible source. All that said, let's get a head-on view of a snake's coming out party.
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Tuesday, Jun 7th 2016 (2:39am)
You can find a lot of weird shit on the streets of Phoenix, And most of the time, you don't even have to be looking. Sometimes, though, you come across things that were destined to find you. Like owls.
By: dave
Tuesday, May 3rd 2016 (12:00am)
Settle in for a fine selection of videos of a fine dog trying to dog finely and generally failing miserably. Good puppy.

fritz learns to catch #1 | fritz learns to catch #2 | fritz learns to catch #sausage | things fritz won't even try to catch | humans learn to catch for fritz
By: dave
Monday, May 2nd 2016 (12:00am) | Thanks: slorum
Duke Farms Eagle Cam
In 2008, Duke Farms installed a webcam on a tree adjacent to a Bald Eagle nest to provide a live look at the daily lives of the eagles. In partnership with The Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey, lesson plans were created to facilitate place-based educational opportunities for students. Between the general public and classrooms up and down the east coast, the Duke Farms Eagle Cam has many fans - over 8 million viewers and growing!

2016 Eagle Cam Update:
We have successfully installed a new camera system on the nest tree! The new system has some major upgrades including HD and infrared night vision.
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Wednesday, Apr 27th 2016 (12:00am)
April 25 is World Penguin Day. In light of that tidbit, here are some resources of organizations that endeavor to protect them.
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Monday, Apr 25th 2016 (6:31pm)
Visual evidence, with 18+ pics here. Other species cuddle up to the large rodents.
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Monday, Apr 18th 2016 (12:01am) | Thanks: Kash
An octopus has made a brazen escape from the national aquarium in New Zealand by breaking out of its tank, slithering down a 50-metre drainpipe and disappearing into the sea. In scenes reminiscent of Finding Nemo, Inky - a common New Zealand octopus - made his dash for freedom after the lid of his tank was accidentally left slightly ajar.
By: dave
Thursday, Apr 14th 2016 (12:05am) | Thanks: mefi
Segment from Blue Planet on the BBC where Attenborough describes some of the life at sea.
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Wednesday, Apr 13th 2016 (12:00am)
Our friends at the BBC make a good point about why.
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Sunday, Apr 3rd 2016 (12:02am)
Here's a feel-good story for you. A Texas horse named Midnight is recovering after receiving a $14,000 artificial leg.
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Saturday, Mar 26th 2016 (12:00am)
Once upon a time, the killer whales out-fished the fishermen. With the advent of sonar, the tables were turned but now interesting developments are afoot.

Sir David Attenborough narrates this segment from a BBC episode of Life.
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Thursday, Mar 24th 2016 (11:34am)
A wonderfully confident hairless guinea pig named Ludwik in Warsaw, Poland enjoys posing for his human, student Agata Nowacka, in a variety of different poses using all sorts of props and accessories, proudly showing off his unusual beauty with style. Ludwik, who was rescued from a pet store in extremely ill-health, also shares his confidence-building adages with his thousands of Instagram fans.
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Monday, Mar 21st 2016 (12:00am)
It's hatched! Live cam shows baby bald eagle is born at the National Arboretum; No. 2 is coming soon. Two webcams cover the nest for you.

Mr. President and The First Lady (names of the adult pair) are the first to nest in captivity in DC since 1947.
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Friday, Mar 18th 2016 (2:59pm)

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