Here are some trailers for the upcoming summer movies. Willy Wonka(2) himself stars in the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

Bryan Singer takes a break from the X-Men to bring Superman Returns to the screens!

It doesn't open til November but it's still highly anticipated, here is the trailer for Casino Royale. Can this new Bond actually work?

And just for the football fans, Vince Papale is Invincible.
By: Scott
Wednesday, May 3rd 2006 (8:26am)
Damon Wayans tries to copyright the word "nigga".

So far the answer has been "nigga please".
By: Scott
Thursday, Feb 23rd 2006 (7:53am)
Probably because of shit like this!
By: Dave
Thursday, Feb 23rd 2006 (12:04am)
Kevin Sorbo is taking over for the Rock in the Walking Tall movie franchise.
By: Scott
Saturday, Jan 14th 2006 (9:01pm)
By: Scott
Tuesday, Dec 20th 2005 (7:37am)
Two comedians I care nothing about, David Cross and Larry the Cable Guy, apparently don't like each other much... evidenced by this wickedly worded slam by one to the other. Petty, but a funny read.
By: Dave
Monday, Dec 5th 2005 (5:14pm)
Johnny Depp takes umbrage at smoking bans, and vows to defy them. (bugmenot required, or mirror here if you can't be bothered)
By: Dave
Monday, Nov 21st 2005 (5:04am)
Ok, so he's not really Hollywood. Regardless, as posted earlier, John Cleese has his own Lemur. YaY!

But his Lemur inspired web site is definetly worth spending some time at!
By: ZiB
Friday, Nov 18th 2005 (5:35pm)
Next time you're in Tinseltown, take a tour that celebrates the seamy underbelly of Hollywood.

Keep in mind, Dearly Departed Tours is of an adult nature, so parents should be cautioned about subject matter, and possible language. Not recommended for children who haven't learned of outdoor sex.
By: Dave
Friday, Oct 7th 2005 (6:44am)
Russell Crowe's lawyers are working to win a reduction of the assault charge filed against him after he allegedly hurled a phone at a New York hotel staffer.
By: Sunny
Wednesday, Sep 14th 2005 (1:00pm)
Haven't seen much of the Dickster since Eight is Enough, but he's still around - check out his blog for a peek into the thrilling life of a primetime has-been.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Jul 27th 2005 (12:01am)
By: Dave
Monday, Jul 18th 2005 (7:44am)
Directing a weird new movie? Writing a weird new tv show? Nope. Giving the daily weather on the intarweb!
By: Dave
Friday, Jul 1st 2005 (7:38am)
Tom Cruise is one insane motherfucker.

Also true, Dane Cook is one funny motherfucker.
By: scooter1979
Tuesday, Jun 21st 2005 (4:01am)
ITEM! William Shatner and James Spader shared a bed, and Spader says Bill smells like lamb sausage!
By: Dave
Wednesday, Jun 1st 2005 (12:18am)
And now, another random fact about Vin Diesel:

Vin Diesel has to swallow rocks to assist in digestion, since he simply has no time to chew his food. He usually quenches his thirst with Molotov Cocktails.
By: Dave
Monday, Apr 18th 2005 (5:01am)
Now I know all you rollers out there will just love this one...

Fans of the Coen brothers rejoice, for there is now life imitating art in all its glory. Behold the new phenomena of the Lebowskifest!
They're popping up all over amid the endless cauasians, oat sodas and even sasparillas. NPR even has a short video of the first Lebowskifest.
By: timmy242
Tuesday, Mar 29th 2005 (1:00pm)
(more)   [Comments: 2]
...out of everybody on the planet, all of the truly influential people, the politicians, the world leaders, the major world-aid figures, military personnel, cub scouts, crackheads, or, hell, even me, al-Qaida wanted to kidnap Russell Crowe???

What a bunch of fanboy losers.
By: scooter1979
Wednesday, Mar 9th 2005 (1:13pm)
Just in time to beat the Academy Awards to press deadline, the Razzie awards have been handed out. Halle Berry was the big winner for Cat "what were you thinking" Woman. But there are some other surprising nominations.

Berry had a comment on her berry, while Affleck was just a crybaby about his, breaking it on the Larry King show. Also, here are some past "winners."

And as an aside, stuntmen want a little respect, too...and not just from Lee Majors.
By: Mr._Dog
Sunday, Feb 27th 2005 (7:33am)
Paris Hilton, star of, um, something, has been hacked. Someone did a number on her Sidekick and has posted her address book and notebook on this here Intarweb thing. Numbers to the stars abound!

(The "posted" link is NSFW, just so's ya know.)
By: scooter1979
Monday, Feb 21st 2005 (10:21am)
(more)   [Comments: 1]
Not of her clothes, we've all seen that, but of her fortune!
By: Scott
Saturday, Jan 1st 2005 (2:54pm)
Here's a rundown of the Top 10 Wolf Files from 2004.
By: J20
Wednesday, Dec 29th 2004 (6:50am)
Mortified at the possibility of lowly airport security workers rifling through her frilly underthings, starlet Rennee Zellwegger just FedExes her undies home instead. Little does she realize, though, they've got sniffers at FedEx.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Nov 2nd 2004 (12:24am)
Parker and Stone, the South Park boys, have just released Team America, a marionette scifi/action drama (like Thunderbirds, woo!), and Sean Penn doesn't seem to appreciate the effort.
By: Dave
Saturday, Oct 9th 2004 (5:11pm)
I really wish the best for the Fantastic Four movie. I really want it to be good. REALLY GOOD! Here are pics of the FF from USA Today. The Thing has no Brow. I seriously hope they add a Brow. Yes, I am that much of a geek. Thank you.
By: Scott
Wednesday, Sep 22nd 2004 (4:09pm)

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