With necessity being the mother of invention, it's not really that surprising to find that some of the most innovative creations have come from people in prison.
By: Dave
Saturday, Sep 6th 2003 (10:24am)
Yes, Mars was closer to Earth today and yesterday than it has been in thousands of years, and won't be this close again for almost 200 more. The Hubble telescope took a really nice picture, too.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Aug 27th 2003 (1:00am)
Everyone knows Neil Armstrong's little speech on the moon was 'One small step for man... one giant leap for mankind', right? Well, it didn't go quite that well.
By: Dave
Saturday, Aug 16th 2003 (3:32pm)
Check out the History Of The Universe in 200 Words Or Less. I like to read it out loud like Adam Sandler's 'cajun man'.
By: Dave
Saturday, Aug 16th 2003 (12:12am)
Chicago, IL - Astronomers announced that they have discovered a third moon orbiting talk show host Oprah Winfrey.

Click here for more on this amazing discovery.
By: Hellvis
Thursday, Aug 14th 2003 (10:25am)
In their efforts to mine stem cells, Chinese scientists have developed hybrid embryos that consist of human skin cells (taken from the foreskins of 5-year-old boys) and rabbit eggs. I can't help but fear that this will lead to an unholy army of rabbit zombies somewhere down the road.
By: Dave
Thursday, Aug 14th 2003 (8:29am)
because you'll never see this when you're trying to score.
By: Jojo
Wednesday, Jul 9th 2003 (5:25pm)
Noted physicist Stephen Hawking, probably the smartest man on the planet, stunned the scientific community with his new hypothesis that Tiger's got a bitchin' butt.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Jul 9th 2003 (12:01am)
What better way to test the intelligence of slugs than to put them in a maze made of salt! Escape or die!
By: Dave
Saturday, Jun 28th 2003 (8:10am)
REAL physicists use the Periodic Coil!
By: Dave
Wednesday, Jun 4th 2003 (1:25am)
Researchers at the University of Manchester say they have cracked the secret of one of the reptile world's greatest climbers, the gecko, and produced a sticky tape that can mimic the lizard's gravity-defying abilities.
By: Scott
Tuesday, Jun 3rd 2003 (2:25pm)
It's true! But I tell you one thing they won't do, and that is get you fucking laid.
By: Scott
Thursday, May 29th 2003 (3:50am)
Thank god for science! It's the Meat Tree!
By: Dave
Tuesday, May 20th 2003 (12:08am)
Check it out, cuzin: NASA will burn your name onto a cd, which will be attached to a space probe that will smash into Comet Tempel 1 on July 4, 2005! wo0t!
By: Dave
Monday, May 12th 2003 (12:16am)
This story here means one of three things.

1. It's a hoax
2. The world as we know it will change for the better.
3. The beginning of machines turning us into energy, making The Wachowskis better than the psychic hotline!

I'm hoping it's 2.
By: Scott
Tuesday, Apr 22nd 2003 (12:13am)
Believe it or not, some chemists do have a sense of humour, and this page is a testament to that. Here we'll show you some real molecules that have unusual, ridiculous or downright silly names.
By: Hellvis
Wednesday, Apr 2nd 2003 (6:44am)
Need a fire? First step, make some ice.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Mar 11th 2003 (4:04am)
The Periodic Table of Haiku began as way for me, Ron Sparks, to intoduce myself to the members of the SciFaiKu Mailing List members.
By: Hellvis
Monday, Mar 10th 2003 (6:20am)
Click here to begin.
By: Hellvis
Tuesday, Mar 4th 2003 (12:25am)
Everything on this page was actually tested in my own microwave oven and I encountered no dangerous situations. But... I make no guarantees what so ever for your experiments!!!
By: Dave
Saturday, Feb 8th 2003 (1:06am)
Canned air can cryo-freeze roaches and power air cannons and terrorize action figures and, maybe best of all - inflate and explode fruits and vegetables.
By: Dave
Monday, Feb 3rd 2003 (12:02am)
What do you do with obsolete CD-ROM's? I cook mine in a microwave oven.
By: faedra
Monday, Jan 13th 2003 (10:58pm)
Jupiter is celebrating the big 40. Using an observatory on top of a Hawaiian mountain peak, an astronomer has detected a small moon orbiting Jupiter.
By: faedra
Friday, Jan 3rd 2003 (1:21pm)
A Brazilian woman, shot in crossfire between police and drug dealers, was saved by her silicone breast implants. Wanna know more?
By: Hellvis
Thursday, Dec 26th 2002 (12:11am)

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