Dimebag Darrell Abbott just got shot to death onstage with Vinnie Paul and their new band Damageplan. Words fail me.

RIP, Dime.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Dec 8th 2004 (9:47pm)
Pierre Berton, one of Canada's most gifted storytellers and master joint roller, has died. He was 84.
By: Some Nobody
Wednesday, Dec 1st 2004 (7:47pm)
A sad day for fans of the Clan... Big Baby Jesus, dead at 35.
By: scooter1979
Sunday, Nov 14th 2004 (2:29am)
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For those of you not following the dead pool, the leader of the Palestinian world, Yasser Arafat, has passed on to the land of a thousand virgins. Be he statesman or terrorist, sure enough he was beloved by not a few American administrations.
By: timmy242
Thursday, Nov 11th 2004 (2:07am)
Christopher Reeve, once the mighty Superman and later the paralyzed proponent for stem-cell research, has died at 52 from heart failure.
By: Dave
Sunday, Oct 10th 2004 (11:00pm)
Izora Rhodes Armstead - known for the Weather Girls - is dead. What's strange to me is: her age is unknown. I would have thought CNN would know that.
By: MaryWanna420
Thursday, Sep 30th 2004 (12:04am)
Russ Meyer, one of my personal favorite filmmakers, has kicked the bucket at 82. Russ was a pioneer in softcore smut, recognizing that ginormous boobs could be enhanced with drama and comedy - giving us celluloid gems like Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill! and Mudhoney, and introducing the world to the likes of Kitten Natividad, Tura Satana, and Erica Gavin (some pics NSFW). RIP, Russ - you and R. Crumb had a LOT to do with formulating my ideas of the perfect female form.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Sep 22nd 2004 (7:14am)
Man, the Ramones are dropping like flies. Johnny's gone now too.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Sep 15th 2004 (10:15pm)
Ernie Ball, the man responsible for everything from the standardized string set for rock music to the timeless Stingray bass, has passed on. RIP, Ern, and thanks.
By: Dave
Friday, Sep 10th 2004 (10:20pm)
Gigantic (6-foot-2!) American cooking legend Julia Child has passed on to the great kitchen in the sky.

Interesting note, her niece, Philadelphia Cousins, announced the news. So, Child had a niece who was a Cousins. *snicker* Sorry, I had to. No disrespect meant. Julia, you were one hell of a lady. I raise my glass to you.
By: scooter1979
Friday, Aug 13th 2004 (10:29am)
Yes, sadly, Funk icon Rick James has passed away.
By: boho-daddy
Friday, Aug 6th 2004 (12:43pm)
Today, one of the godfathers of DNA research and discoverer of the double helix structure of life on earth, the great Francis Crick, has died of colon hell. Other than being a devoted scientist and DNA theoretician til the day he died, he will most likely be best known as his alter ego, Dr. Goodfellow from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - played under Crick's super-secret TV pseudonym, Wilfrid Hyde-White.
You can't fool us Cricky-baby! We know that bumbling old codger was you all along.
BTW, when y'all were watching that show, other than looking at Wilma's boobies and thinking how cool Hawk-dude was, could you follow a single thing Dr. Goodfellow was saying? I certainly couldn't.
By: timmy242
Thursday, Jul 29th 2004 (3:38pm)
Isabel Sanford, best known to the world as Weezie Jefferson, has left the buidling.
By: Dave
Monday, Jul 12th 2004 (12:21pm)
Don Vito Corleone is gone.

According to CBS 5 in Phoenix, Marlon Brando has died at the age of 80.

This is the only credible source that I can find reporting it right now, but I'm scouring news sources to find another confirmation. More to come...
By: scooter1979
Friday, Jul 2nd 2004 (7:51am)
Grammy-winner Ray Charles has died at the age of 73.

Although it sucks that we'll never hear more of his soulful voice and wonderful songs, I have to say at least there will be no more crappy Pepsi "Uh-Huh" commercials.
By: scooter1979
Thursday, Jun 10th 2004 (1:01pm)
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Ronald Wilson Reagan

February 6, 1911 -- June 5, 2004

10 cents - Quotes - "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall" - Quotes II - Political Cartoons - Jelly Beans - Actor - Iran-Contra - Star Wars - on government

By: J20
Monday, Jun 7th 2004 (12:17pm)
Ronald Reagan, the brains behind the 'Just Say No' campaign that obviously worked in getting kids off of drugs, has died at the age of 93.

Thanks for beating the Commies, Ronnie.
By: scooter1979
Saturday, Jun 5th 2004 (2:13pm)
Tony Randall, the comic actor best known for playing fastidious photographer Felix Unger on 'The Odd Couple,' has died. He was 84.

Goodnight, Felix.
By: scooter1979
Tuesday, May 18th 2004 (8:02am)
(more)   [Comments: 5]
A very sad day... Zulu, who played 'Kono' on 'Hawaii Five-0,' has died. Although I am too young to know the show during it's original run, I became a huge fan due to syndication. You have no idea how much I love that show. We're talking Simpsons, M*A*S*H, Five-0.

Rest in peace, Gilbert.
By: scooter1979
Friday, May 7th 2004 (12:26am)
If so, she's got her own personal consultant now.
Estee Lauder, who started a kitchen business blending face creams and built it into a multimillion-dollar international cosmetics empire, has died. She was 97.
By: scooter1979
Sunday, Apr 25th 2004 (5:19pm)

WASHINGTON - Arizona Cardinal strong safety-turned soldier Pat Tillman, who left the team to enlist in the Army after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, has been killed in Afghanistan. He was 27.
By: J20
Friday, Apr 23rd 2004 (10:19am)
Nick and Mary Yankovic, parents of the parody singer "Weird Al" Yankovic, have died in what appears to be a fireplace accident.
By: Dave
Saturday, Apr 10th 2004 (12:23pm)
I can't really say I know him from his BBC broadcasts, but I remember him from my young days watching Masterpiece Theater on PBS.

RIP, Alistair Cooke.
By: scooter1979
Tuesday, Mar 30th 2004 (1:58am)
Most people remember Ustinov as Batiatus from Spartacus, Nero from Quo Vadis, or Hercule Poirot from many an Agatha Christie movie, but I'll always remember him as Ballard from Logan's Run. He was an accomplished and acclaimed actor, writer, director, and producer, as well as a humanitarian and all-around good guy. RIP, Pete.
By: Dave
Monday, Mar 29th 2004 (10:14am)

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