There are plenty of images of this building on the Web, however be forewarned... it's not really a building. It was actually part of a marketing campaign for a company that makes fingerprint software and panels.
By: spam_vigilante
Friday, Oct 6th 2017 (12:00am)
If you can appreciate old wood craftsmanship, the pics and text in this article will appeal to you.
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, Sep 6th 2017 (12:00am)
We’re reaching a point in architectural history where the structures being built look like they could have come straight out of the concept artwork for a science fiction movie, or a video game set on another planet. Some look like flying saucers, others look like blobby aliens that landed on the roof of a traditional European building, but all of these museum designs – the real ones, and the ones that will remain concepts – have a strikingly futuristic feel.
By: spam_vigilante
Saturday, Aug 19th 2017 (2:49am)
I bet more than 15 in this world qualify for phallic architecture. But we'll have to settle for these for the time being.
By: spam_vigilante
Sunday, Jul 30th 2017 (12:00am)
Check out the key projects that the top 10 entries of Construction Week's 2017 Power 100 are currently working on
Scroll through the pics of projects underway.
By: spam_vigilante
Friday, Jul 21st 2017 (12:00am)
Most people would name Finland and Sweden as world-leading countries for modernist architecture and design in general, but the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have developed quite a top-tier roster of impressive buildings as well.
By: spam_vigilante
Monday, Jul 17th 2017 (12:00am)
Between 1874 and 1900, Manhattan went from zero skyscrapers to over 250. The Skyscraper Museum’s online interactive for their current exhibition Ten & Taller: 1874-1900 visualizes this 19th-century boom through a map, timeline, and photographic grid.
By: spam_vigilante
Thursday, Jul 6th 2017 (4:13am)
Not content to have merely a place to change into his cozzy and stash his beach toys, Colin Furze knocks together a wee cabana with a little something extra. To see how he did it, check out the build video.
By: dave
Friday, Jun 16th 2017 (12:00am) | Thanks: digg
Some people see faces in everything—in clouds, in the arrangement of faucets on a sink, on a power socket, and on the facade of a building. But the enormous face on this 32-story apartment building at the Carlton end of Swanston Street, in Melbourne, is not an illusion. The face has actually been sculpted on to the building's southern and eastern facades by the creative use of negative spaces formed by white balconies against black windows.
By: spam_vigilante
Friday, Jun 9th 2017 (4:29pm)
In about 10 days, this charming 10-story beauty in Prescott, Arizona goes up on the auction block. Bids start at 750k.
By: dave
Monday, May 15th 2017 (12:00am)
A historic building in London’s Covent Garden, violently slashed through the middle, floats mysteriously in the air with no apparent support underneath the entirely dislocated upper half. A terraced house in Margate has its entire redbrick front slipped away from its frame and lies slumped in its own front garden. A red Vauxhall Corsa hangs upside down with the tarmac peeled back from the pavement and curled over. Welcome to the magical world of Alex Chinneck, a British artist known for his large-scale, mind-bending architectural illusions.

See more directly at the artist's site.
By: spam_vigilante
Thursday, May 11th 2017 (12:00am)
Equihen Plage, on the coast of northern France by the English Channel, is a small seaside village with a population of about 3,000. Up until the beginning of the 20th century, Equihen Plage was a fishing village with a dry harbor—the kind where fishing boats were launched into the sea by sliding them on logs. Today, the village is famous for its many inverted boat houses—locally known as “quilles en l'air”—that serve as unique holiday accommodation for travellers.
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, Apr 19th 2017 (12:01am)
For a cool 1.4 mil, you could own this 3/2 Frank Lloyd Wright on almost 4 acres near downtown Minneapolis. Gorgeous.
By: dave
Tuesday, Apr 18th 2017 (12:00am) | Thanks: softest voice
These photos of ice-engulfed lighthouses are sure to send shivers down your spine. Formed under very specific circumstances, these pasty kraken emerge annually on the shoreline of Lake Michigan each winter. Their alluring formations are enough to entice the hot-weather-loving photographer, Tom Gill, to photograph their sculptural encasings every year.
By: spam_vigilante
Friday, Mar 17th 2017 (12:00am)
At first glance, the structure reminds you of one of the MC Escher drawings or prints. But it really exists. Click and arrow-key to navigate your way through this gallery and resources on the building.
By: spam_vigilante
Thursday, Mar 16th 2017 (12:00am)
The first house printed using mobile 3D printing technology has been built in Stupino town, Moscow region. The Apis Cor and PIK companies have successfully completed the project which was announced in December 2016.
By: dave
Monday, Mar 6th 2017 (12:00am)
If you go to Rockport someday, in Massachusetts, the United States, take some time to drive down Pigeon Hill Street and look out for a sign that says "Paper House". Park your car near the sidewalk and go visit this unique, one story red house that looks like an ordinary log cabin, but is actually made of paper.
By: spam_vigilante
Tuesday, Jan 24th 2017 (12:00am) | Thanks: Presurfer
France is most well-known for its obvious and iconic tourist attractions: the Eiffel Tower, the Alps, the glamorous riviera. But beyond all the grandeur and gloss, some of the country's most magical and breathtaking places are those that are abandoned, derelict, even falling apart. Intrepid urban explorers set out, cameras in hand, to photograph them, and we curated some of their most stunning shots here to take you on this, a gloriously haunting but ever-so-beautiful tour of abandoned France.
By: spam_vigilante
Monday, Jan 9th 2017 (12:00am)
Unique, entertaining to view, probably more entertaining to be in proximity to them, here are some of the most kooky buildings you have ever seen.
By: spam_vigilante
Friday, Dec 9th 2016 (12:53am) | Thanks: Presurfer
Stuff you didn't know about that big five sided structure that houses the DoD.
By: spam_vigilante
Monday, Nov 7th 2016 (12:29am) | Thanks: Miss C
In central Arizona there exists an experimental town called Arcosanti. It's built on the principles of arcology, which combines architecture and ecology to envision a city that works in tandem with the Earth's resources. In this short documentary, The Atlantic goes inside this distinctive urban space to understand how Arcosanti plans to reconstruct how humans envision cities.
By: spam_vigilante
Sunday, Oct 30th 2016 (1:16am)
Like paintings and sculptures, buildings can be beautiful works of art.

We asked architects to tell us the one building that's a game-changer for building design, inspired them to become architects, or that they simply find stunning.

Here are 19 of the most breathtaking buildings in the world, according to people who build them for a living.
By: spam_vigilante
Monday, Oct 24th 2016 (12:01am) | Thanks: Presurfer
Sure, some of these we've seen before but it's a collection worth perusing.
By: spam_vigilante
Friday, Oct 14th 2016 (4:40am)
Architect McBride Charles Ryan mixed his field of predilection with sculpture for his new project Klein Bottle House, that he built in Rye, Australia. The outlines of the building are extremely raw and give life to very geometric shapes. The rendering looks like a geometric sculpture that grew straight from the ground.
By: dave
Friday, Oct 7th 2016 (1:59pm) | Thanks: t0ast3d

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