Thanks to Texas' stringent election deadlines, Libertarian Bob Barr is the only person on the Texas ballot in the upcoming election. Obama and McCain missed the boat.
By: dave
Thursday, Aug 28th 2008 (1:15am)
You see it as something to crap through. Barney Smith sees it as potential art.
By: dave
Friday, Jun 27th 2008 (12:08am)
The time-honored tradition of scratching your back with your gun claims another victim.
By: dave
Wednesday, May 14th 2008 (5:45am)
Man, I miss living on the gulf coast. I often think back on the weekends my friends and I spent on the beach, drinking crap wine, burning sofas on the bonfire, stumbling across severed limbs. Good times.
By: dave
Tuesday, Apr 15th 2008 (7:21am)
Having raised a couple of kids through the Phoenix schools, I can safely say that Arizona education flat out sucks. No wonder this state is so screwy.

I grew up and had my schooling in Texas, where a quality education is job one. They know how to properly motivate the faculty.
By: dave
Thursday, Mar 27th 2008 (12:06am)
Attention Jimmy Dean: a Texan is mad as hell, and is not gonna take it any more!
By: dave
Tuesday, Nov 20th 2007 (5:47am)
Wes Pemberton thinks he may have a world record. Hes submitted a hair on his leg as the worlds longest leg hair. A hair on his calf measures about five inches. The world record is 4.88 inches.
By: Dave
Friday, Oct 12th 2007 (5:13am)
If you're moving to Texas (like I will be in a couple more years), there's a few things you should know to help you survive. Here's a list of some of them.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Oct 9th 2007 (7:16am)
Like this spiderweb.
By: boho-daddy
Thursday, Aug 30th 2007 (11:05am)
Its official: Town Lake will be renamed Lady Bird Lake in honor of the former first lady.
By: boho-daddy
Saturday, Jul 28th 2007 (10:49am)
...but this is getting ridiculous.
By: boho-daddy
Thursday, Jul 5th 2007 (2:30pm)
Ted Nugent calls out Paul McCartney, PeTa, Hugo Chavez, Hillary Clinton, and others. Go Ted!
By: boho-daddy
Tuesday, Jun 19th 2007 (7:49am)
Geostationary Banana Over Texas is an art intervention that involves placing a gigantic banana over the Texas sky. This object will float between the high atmosphere and Earth's low orbit, being visible only from the state of Texas and its surroundings. From the ground the banana will be clearly recognizable and visible day and night; it will stay up for approximately one month.
By: Dave
Thursday, Apr 5th 2007 (7:25am)
And people ask me why I plan to move back to Texas as soon as I can.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Mar 28th 2007 (8:44am)
Helluva catchy tune, but kinda depressing.
By: boho-daddy
Monday, Mar 19th 2007 (2:51pm)
No stranger to controversy, Ted Nugent has Austinites' tongues wagging after his performance this week at Gov. Rick Perry's Inaugural Ball.
By: boho-daddy
Friday, Jan 19th 2007 (7:08am)
A new measure has been entered into the legislature that will allow blind people to hunt.

That's right. Blind people with guns, shooting at any game that sighted people can hunt. What could possibly go wrong?
By: Dave
Wednesday, Dec 13th 2006 (5:50am)
...even if you don't live there. Behold the power of the intarweb.
By: Dave
Friday, Nov 3rd 2006 (9:45am)
Miss Deaf Texas, Tara Rose McAvoy, was walking along a train track when she was run over and killed by a Union Pacific train, even though it sounded its horn constantly, unheeded all the way up to the accident.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Mar 14th 2006 (9:08am)
The great state of Texas has been missing something for a while now - and the man who can give it back, Kinky Friedman, is gonna be on tonight's 60 Minutes on CBS.
By: Dave
Sunday, Jan 22nd 2006 (12:03am)
We don't have Rick Perry or Carole Strayhorn money to get our message out, so we're putting our ad online and counting on you to spread the word. Please distribute the ad to friends and family so that it spreads like a bad rumor.

Can do, Kinkster!
By: Dave
Friday, Sep 23rd 2005 (12:12am)
Texas is a great place - but it has its fair share of biddies, wackjobs, and nutburgers. Meet Gladis Haralski, who is one of 'em - she's trying to shut down the web.
By: Dave
Tuesday, May 17th 2005 (6:59am)
I'd heard that Ted Nugent had a ranch in Texas, but now it's being confirmed: he's a resident of Crawford. The Motor City Madman is now a Texan, and I welcome Ted in all his gun-totin' glory.
By: boho-daddy
Sunday, May 15th 2005 (8:26pm)

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