Much like the Segway, a personal transportation device. Only no handlebars and a very limited range. But it's light (only 9 pounds) and recharges very quickly (about an hour).
Available January 2014.
By: spam_vigilante
Saturday, May 18th 2013 (12:04am)
Meet the Sensebridge Northpaw, an anklet consisting of a directional unit and 8 cellphone vibrators that when worn will teach your body which way is north at all times. In short order, you can ditch the device and never lose your sense of direction again. Fucking brilliant.
By: dave
Thursday, Dec 27th 2012 (12:02am)
The National Center for Craft and Design has selected the un-knitting machine as one of the best student design projects of 2012. This highly unusual bicycle, designed to help recycle unwanted woollen clothes, unravels any clothing item back into its pre-knitted form.
By: dave
Thursday, Dec 20th 2012 (6:12am) | Thanks: mefi
Wicked Lasers is testing a new model of flashlight that produces 4100 lumens - which, apparently, is enough to set shit on fire. GIMME.
By: dave
Thursday, Aug 23rd 2012 (5:46am)
Do you have a complex about your nose? Then reach for the Hana Twin Nose, a much cheaper alternative to plastic surgery and it doesn't hurt either! The makers reckon that 20 minutes per day is enough to strength and straighten your nose to help you achieve that perfect nasal profile you so desire!
By: dave
Tuesday, Jul 31st 2012 (5:18am) | Thanks: blort
When someone rings your doorbell wouldn't it be nice to know about it when you aren't home? Well this project will do just that. Pressing the doorbell will send a message to your cell phone and send you a picture of who is there. You often hear that burglars often ring the doorbell to make sure no one is at home before breaking in. I am thinking that a few of the Arduino outputs could be purposed to spray a water gun and turn on a siren.
By: spam_vigilante
Friday, May 11th 2012 (5:50am)
This is a fridge magnet that you press to automatically order your favorite pizza combo from Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai. Don't live in Dubai? Then you're stuck ordering online or calling LIKE SOME FUCKING CAVEMAN HOBO.
By: dave
Tuesday, Apr 3rd 2012 (12:05am)
Wheelchairs could soon become relics of the past thanks to this Segway-like cruiser for the handicapped which not only moves them around easier, it helps them stand.
By: dave
Thursday, Mar 22nd 2012 (12:00am) | Thanks: buttons
Behold the BioLite camp stove, a 2-pound portable canister that burns sticks, pine cones, pellets, and other biomass instead of gas or liquid fuel. Not only will it warm your tents and cook your steaks, it will also recharge your TomTom and iPhone.
By: dave
Monday, Feb 13th 2012 (12:01am)
What do you get when you cross Rock'em Sock'em Robots with bumper cars? You get me pleading with my credit card company to extend my credit line, that's what.
By: dave
Monday, Nov 14th 2011 (12:00am) | Thanks: ohgizmo
Ok, so it's not a gadget per se, but it is an extremely clever invention - a produce label that turns to soap for cleaning said produce when you wet it and rub it. Brilliant!
By: dave
Thursday, Oct 27th 2011 (12:02am) | Thanks: buttons
Stingrays are one of several new technologies used by law enforcement to track people's locations, often without a search warrant. A stingray works by mimicking a cellphone tower, getting a phone to connect to it and measuring signals from the phone. It lets the stingray operator "ping" a phone and locate it as long as it is powered on.
By: dave
Thursday, Sep 29th 2011 (12:03am)
On the surface, it looks like your everyday standard solar desk calculator. On the surface.
By: dave
Tuesday, Jul 26th 2011 (12:01am)
Oh, how I love it when hi-tech gadgetry and ridiculously dangerous converge. Patrick Priebe clearly feels the same way.
By: dave
Monday, Jul 18th 2011 (12:02am)
One way to make a trombone cool is to have it shoot flames. It sounds like a joke, but here is the Frankenhorn!
By: spam_vigilante
Monday, Jun 6th 2011 (8:55am) | Thanks: BoingBoing
Ok, this is just fucking brilliant - a radio for your shower, powered by your shower. Gimme.
By: dave
Tuesday, May 17th 2011 (12:00am) | Thanks: gimmecoffee
It's not uncommon to see umbrellas in use here in the Valley of the Sun, even though it hardly ever rains. That's because an umbrella is a good way to keep the oppressive sun from turning your skin bubbly in mere seconds. This particular umbrella goes one better, and has a fan inside to help blow some of that 120° heat away from you as well.
By: dave
Thursday, May 5th 2011 (5:49am) | Thanks: ohgizmo
Henderson Castrating Tool- use with a cordless, variable speed drill.
By: ZiB
Saturday, Apr 30th 2011 (12:08am) | Thanks: Wyatt
This rube goldberg machine, with 244 steps called The Time Machine, took first place and broke a world record.
By: ZiB
Thursday, Apr 21st 2011 (12:07am) | Thanks: /.
Completely agree. That steering column and second wheel? Totally pretentious. Get the job done with tasteful minimalism on the Solowheel.
By: dave
Friday, Feb 18th 2011 (6:24am) | Thanks: jackalope ranch have to manually tear off a paper towel. WE LIVE LIKE FUCKING SAVAGES, PEOPLE.
By: dave
Tuesday, Feb 1st 2011 (4:48am)
Actually, it's because I don't want anyone to have 24/7 access to me, but shit like this certainly doesn't help.
By: dave
Monday, Dec 6th 2010 (12:00am)
Kunstrasen is the name of a small robotic device developed by designer Sebastian Neitsch. The unusual robot sits low to the ground with the ability to draw vector graphics on urban lawns using a flame thrower.
By: dave
Thursday, Dec 2nd 2010 (4:44am) | Thanks: neatorama
I've worn a pocket watch since high school - I tell people it's because I don't like the additional weight on one of my arms from a wristwatch as it makes me walk in circles, but the truth of the matter is that I'm just too damn lazy to rotate my forearm long enough to get a read on what time it is.

Enter the Manufacture Royale Opera timepiece - a wristwatch whose face accordions out for easier viewing from a less-than-enthusiastic-about-knowing-the-time angle. Pretty, but I think I'll stick with my fobs and chains.
By: dave
Friday, Nov 26th 2010 (5:09am) | Thanks: boingboing

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