I once dated a girl whose dad was a dentist - and he had a big 5-gallon tub in his garage of extracted teeth. Molars, incisors, some filled with gold and silver, some with dried bits of meat on the roots, the whole shebang you'd imagine. I once jacked a handful and gave them out at Halloween, they made a convincing THUNK as they landed in the sacks of children. I often giggle at the thought of mom going thru the candy bags after trick or treating, looking for apples with razor blades and shit.

Oh, back to the point - I always thought this girl's dad was a weirdie (even beyond being a dentist) because of the whole tooth hoarding thing. Turns out he's not the only one.
By: dave
Monday, Dec 1st 2008 (12:19am)
Bronze Fonz, check.
By: Sunny
Wednesday, Aug 20th 2008 (8:05am)
Back in the day, celebrities were happy to have their picture taken with you*, but now it looks like you have to endure a sound thrashing first.

* except Sean Penn
By: dave
Thursday, Jun 12th 2008 (4:09am)
...although he SHOULD have said, 'Always pay your taxes.'
By: dave
Friday, Apr 25th 2008 (5:16am)
Recently rumors have been flying about, involving Lohan and ex boyfriend Calum Best. Is there really a sex tape out there, or are these two snippets from alleged video, just very good fakes? You decide.
By: Justascosh
Thursday, Mar 27th 2008 (12:06am)
Esquire recently walked George Clooney through the intarwebs to check out his wiki entry, fan and anti-fan sites, and 2g1c.
By: dave
Tuesday, Mar 18th 2008 (6:32am)
Yeah right, that's more than a B cup. Kelly Rowland , former bandmate of Destiny's Child had a breast augmentation.
By: Justascosh
Thursday, Mar 13th 2008 (5:31am)
Ever wonder what your favorite sexy and oh so sensual celebs look like without all that Hollywood glitz and glam? Wonder no more, take a gander at some of today's top leading ladies without makeup , or perhaps you wish you had a red carpet body, no worries not even they do. Check out these shots of Tara Reid lounging by the pool. Sooo not sexy.
By: Justascosh
Thursday, Mar 6th 2008 (8:44am)
In case you too were curious just how often men or women for that matter, make eye contact with beautiful women. Test your skills, can you identify these famous women by their eyes alone?
By: justascosh
Friday, Feb 29th 2008 (12:19am)
While his cock is legendary for its' ginormousness, Tom Jones' chest hair is now worth 7 million bucks.
By: dave
Friday, Feb 8th 2008 (6:05am)
Jan Smithers, who played the far-hotter-than-Jennifer Bailey Quarters on WKRP In Cincinnati, was hit by a truck last year after a bit of naked driving.
By: dave
Tuesday, Jan 22nd 2008 (3:45am)
Jodie Foster has publicly confirmed she is a lesbian.
By: Sunny
Thursday, Dec 13th 2007 (7:53am)
Now they're just 'the Wachowskis'. Here's why.
By: Dave
Friday, Aug 31st 2007 (6:26am)
Actor Owen Wilson wolfed a bunch of pills and opened up a wrist over the weekend, but didn't quite get the job done. He's now in the hospital and due for a detox.
By: Dave
Monday, Aug 27th 2007 (12:05am)
Paris Hilton, heir to the Hilton fortune, has been cut out of her inheritance.
By: Dave
Monday, Jul 30th 2007 (4:02am)
Man, these Hollywood types really do live in a freakin' soap opera: Jennifer Aniston Finds Solace in Kevin Federline's Arms
By: Dave
Saturday, Dec 16th 2006 (6:11am)
So, I picked up the new Pirates of the Caribbean dvd yesterday, and noticed that it uses the Wilhelm scream in the sounds for the Kraken.

What's the Wilhelm scream? It's a 50-year-old sample that gets used a lot in movies. It's got quite a history. Check it out.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Dec 6th 2006 (12:05am)
By now you've seen and heard everybody's slant on the whole Michael Richards fiasco... except National Lampoon. Well, now the saga is complete.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Nov 29th 2006 (7:38am)
Hey, remember Biff from Back to the Future? What's that guy doing these days?

Getting asked the same questions over and over again.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Oct 3rd 2006 (6:37am)
...and it features a Dirty Sanchez!
By: Dave
Wednesday, Sep 27th 2006 (7:13am)
Where do old washed-up Hollywood types go for representation? Rick Saphire!

* Name the reference! No googling! Win fabulous prizes!**

** lie
By: Dave
Thursday, Sep 14th 2006 (12:04am)
Whispers about John Travolta’s sexuality that have blown through Hollywood for years are getting louder now that the actor was caught kissing another man here in Canada.

By: Dave
Tuesday, Sep 5th 2006 (12:12am)
Celebrity whackjob Tom Cruise has just crazied himself out of work. Another big win for Scientology!
By: Dave
Wednesday, Aug 23rd 2006 (8:11am)
Remember Saved by the Bell?

Remember Screech?

He's about to lose his house, and needs your help. Delightful.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Jun 20th 2006 (12:03am)

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