The New York Public Library has released more than 180,000 digitized items into the public domain. Users can freely browse the digital collection using a visualization tool that allows them to quickly scan hundreds of years worth of content. The collection includes maps, art, books, sheet music, photographs, menus, and more.

The NYPL has also created several tools utilizing the collection including the 'Mansion Maniac' game where users can walk around the floor plans of mansions, and a 'Street View' tool that compares modern New York City with its 1911 counterpart.
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, Jan 6th 2016 (3:35pm)
If you, like me, still feel the sting of the mighty Topless Robot/The Robot's Voice being unceremoniously shuttered by corporate, you'll be pleased to know that some of the more diligent authors over there have gone off and started their own site, with blackjack! And hookers! As a matter of fact, forget the blackjack!

It's still building at this point, but the outstanding TR community - no longer hamstrung by the facebook-only comments that effectively killed the site - is beginning to re-form under WRT. Things are lookin' up for 2016 already!
By: dave
Monday, Jan 4th 2016 (12:01am)
Thousands of people were duped into sharing a photo of a dog on Facebook after they believed the pooch had been hurt. According to the Dec. 23 post, the dog had been "badly burned and disfigured trying to save his family from a house fire." The "burn" was simply a piece of ham on the dog's face.
By: dave
Friday, Jan 1st 2016 (12:02am)
Seemingly out of nowhere, one of my most very favorite places on the web, The Robot's Voice (nee Topless Robot) has ceased operations. The site started up right about when I did at Voice Media, and even though I was only distantly connected to the site by a paycheck, I've always been an ardent fan of the place and the guys who ran it, Rob Bricken and then Luke Y. Thompson. Thanks, gents, for many years of solid nerd news and entertainment. It's been the source for many a post here over the years. I left the community when facebook became the only way to participate, but I've always been there lurking and reading.

The oldschool web continues to die by inches and it is my lot to live through it, both professionally and personally, while my peers and heroes die around me. RIP TR.
By: dave
Saturday, Dec 19th 2015 (4:41am)
You want to make an image of a sign, perhaps a well known or popular one but containing the text that you created instead? Here is the mother lode. Go to town.
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, Nov 25th 2015 (12:00am)
If you're not laughing, there is something seriously wrong with you. Some of these might take a second or two to decipher or sink in but well worth the read.
By: spam_vigilante
Friday, Nov 13th 2015 (12:09am)
Do you remember that clip of a rat carrying a slice of pizza that went viral? Here's a remote control version let loose both above ground and subterranean in New York. Have fun with the people's reactions.
By: spam_vigilante
Thursday, Nov 12th 2015 (12:00am) | Thanks: Squid
You're a man. You're not homosexual. But you're just sick of women. You want no part of being around women. There is a site designed for you to join in with others like you. Resources abound. Have tons of fun.
By: spam_vigilante
Monday, Nov 2nd 2015 (11:55am) | Thanks: Jeroen
When I was a teenager, I once helped a crowd of people tip over a Klan bus on Padre Island. As an adult, I help publicize this impending exposure of the KKK and their cohorts by the hactivist collective Anonymous.
By: dave
Friday, Oct 30th 2015 (12:01am)
Here's a brief history of the QR code, the security and longevity issues they present, and how it's now coming into vogue to use them on tombstones to summon up obituaries and photos of the deceased.
By: dave
Tuesday, Sep 22nd 2015 (12:00am)
So you've been following the news about the Rowan County, KY clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses. And sure, you have an opinion or two regarding the matter.
One Twitter user has created the mock account @NextToKimDavis that shares the thoughts of the bespectacled woman who silently sits at the counter while Davis claims she's representing "God's Authority."
Now the fun begins. Read on.
By: spam_vigilante
Thursday, Sep 3rd 2015 (7:56pm)
One of the oldest head-shakers on the web, Gene Ray's Time Cube, has disappeared. It is inevitable, I suppose, that classic content like this will fade away (we'll REALLY take a hit when's Wayback Machine goes byebye), but we don't have to be happy about it. Today we mourn as the oldschool web gets another slice closer to the death of a thousand cuts.
By: dave
Thursday, Sep 3rd 2015 (12:01am) | Thanks: Niveras
The possibilities are endless. Obituaries? Politics? News of disaster? Have a blast with this prank site and share with others.
By: spam_vigilante
Monday, Aug 31st 2015 (12:00am)
Not just for politics, you can enter your own keywords, like Kardashian or Jenner, for example. It works for Firefox and Chrome (sorry Safari and IE users).
By: spam_vigilante
Tuesday, Jul 7th 2015 (4:12am)
Not really, however many unicode characters look like upside down alphabet characters. Easily create your own here and then befuddle your friend in an email or on social media.
Most applications will let you copy and paste the results.
By: spam_vigilante
Friday, Jul 3rd 2015 (12:00am)
Follow up to yesterday's pick. All those servers and routers to keep information flowing. Hank Green explains. How much electricity?
By: spam_vigilante
Thursday, Jun 18th 2015 (12:33pm)
Not a hacking video. Hank Green describes some severe vulnerabilities that we face when we use the communications network.
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, Jun 17th 2015 (11:49pm)
With Factoclock, you can learn something new every minute. Rejoice trivia fans.
By: spam_vigilante
Tuesday, Jun 16th 2015 (3:28am) | Thanks: Presurfer
Rebellious Reddit users have swamped the site with derogatory comments about staff and images of overweight people after its decision to ban several subforums.
By: dave
Thursday, Jun 11th 2015 (4:03am)
(more)   [Comments: 1]
And you thought that search engines were the greatest super apps on the Interwebs? Try this fella on for size.
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, May 27th 2015 (1:31am)
If you aspire to be one of those types that uses little ascii faces and pictures online, will help you fill your clipboard full of UTF-8 gibberish that you can paste all over the web with reckless abandon.
By: dave
Friday, Mar 27th 2015 (12:04am) | Thanks: rich cream
What was the first thing sold on the internet ever? A computer? A car? Nope, sorry. It was a bag of pot.
By: dave
Tuesday, Dec 16th 2014 (12:02am)
In the UK, many items on Amazon suddenly appear for a price of one penny. Retailers rail, while Amazon blames third-party software.
By: spam_vigilante
Monday, Dec 15th 2014 (7:24am) | Thanks: reddit
So the boss at work installed a filter that prevents you from visiting on the company time. Fret not and don't rely on just one proxy service because the filter gets updates and begins to block them as well. You now have access to hundreds of sites that will allow admittance for you.
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, Oct 1st 2014 (12:00am)
John Oliver tells it like it is: If you rely on advertising to pay for your broadcast or website, you end up beholden to them. Of course, he makes the point much funnier than I can.
By: spam_vigilante
Monday, Aug 4th 2014 (11:13am)

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