Never borrow other people's pictures from online sources - especially if you're hard-linking to pictures in your eBay auction. They might get pissed and Make a complete ass out of you.
By: chimpy
Friday, Sep 6th 2002 (9:03am)
Ever wonder what the davelog looks like thru John Malkovitch's eyes? Like this.
By: Dave
Friday, Sep 6th 2002 (12:12am)
Odd, I thought Napster was dead long ago. Wait until Metallica hears of this!
By: Scott
Monday, Sep 2nd 2002 (2:43pm)
Life would be so much better if you ladies could just follow instructions.
By: Scott
Monday, Sep 2nd 2002 (12:33am)
According to Alexa, an Amazon-owned site that ranks internet websites based on popularity, davelog has broken the 100,000 mark and is now ranked #94,333. It wasn't that long ago we were well below the million mark - thanks to everyone who has helped raise our ratings!
By: Dave
Monday, Aug 26th 2002 (12:16am)
Well, ok, you can't KILL them, that'd just get ya tossed in the pokey until the man can shoot ya up with Windex. What you need to do is HURT them, repeatedly, where it counts - their wallets. Check out this lovely page at, which provides links back to spam services as well as how much it will cost them each time you click through. Hell, some of 'em pay over 3 bucks a click! Make it your homepage. Click em all once a day. If enough people do it, their profits will all be spent on the very advertising you use to kill them!
By: Dave
Tuesday, Aug 20th 2002 (12:11am)
...but it actually sounds more like Coil. What the hell am I talking about? Check out the TwoFiveSix WebPlayer, which converts web content into music!
By: Dave
Tuesday, Aug 13th 2002 (12:05am)
Virtual Smoke Break - Not quite as fulfilling as dashing outside for a nail, but a lot more convenient.
By: Dave
Monday, Aug 12th 2002 (12:23am)
Kick off your loafers, lean back, and get lost in some unsolicited emails.
By: Dave
Saturday, Aug 10th 2002 (1:53am)
It may be just a blog, but it has such a great name.
By: Scott
Thursday, Jul 25th 2002 (12:06am)
This is Zombo Com! You Can Do Anything At Zombo Com! The only limit is yourself. Welcome. This is Zombo Com, yes, this is Zombo Com. Welcome to you!
By: Scott
Monday, Jul 15th 2002 (12:16am)
By: Scott
Friday, Jul 12th 2002 (12:53am)
How many different languages can you say "Oh my God! There's an axe in my head!" in? Thanks to this site, 102!
By: Dave
Friday, Jul 12th 2002 (12:11am)
If the dark gray on darker gray color scheme around here bugs ya, help yourself to the new cat-lovers theme - that'll brighten up your experience here.
By: Dave
Friday, Jul 5th 2002 (1:16am)
Somebody care to tell me what the hell is going on with this website? After looking at it for a couple of minutes, I had to go lie down for a while to regain my composure.
By: Dave
Friday, Jun 14th 2002 (12:30am)
I've always thought that cybersex was pathetically ridiculous, but in the right hands, an IM cyber session can turn into the funniest damn thing you'll read all week. Meet Amber Forever, a supposed 14-year-old girl who takes on the webpervs and cranks out pure comedy gold. BraVO!
By: Dave
Wednesday, Jun 12th 2002 (12:19am)
Is your homepage starting to look a little, uh, bulgy around the middle? Is it craving bizarre food and tossing 404 errors every morning? It might be PREGNIT!
By: Dave
Wednesday, Jun 5th 2002 (12:26am)
Bummer - the Bat Phone has been disconnected due to 900-number abuse. I blame Dick.
By: Dave
Thursday, May 30th 2002 (12:16am)
Check it out - with the Ass-O-Tron, you can add a moon or two to any website!
By: Dave
Wednesday, May 29th 2002 (12:35am)
Everyone online has at one time or another contemplated on just what it would take to bring the whole thing down - well, here's how it can be done, and it's not as hard as you'd think. Spooky.
By: Dave
Monday, May 27th 2002 (12:24am)
Hi, this site is all about sorority girls, REAL SORORITY GIRLS.
By: Madkow
Sunday, May 26th 2002 (10:10pm)
There's lots of great big websites out there, but here is the smallest one. It even has pong! Better crank your resolution down to 640x480 for this one!
By: Dave
Saturday, May 25th 2002 (12:14am)
Hi, this site is all about ninjas, REAL NINJAS. This site is awesome. My name is Robert and I can't stop thinking about ninjas. These guys are cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet.

By: Madkow
Tuesday, May 14th 2002 (12:35pm)
There are millions of sites on this interweb thingy, and the Davelog ranks as the 1,640,241th most popular site, according to Alexa, an Amazon-ian web ranking service. Man, we've come a long way from 1,726,418th!
By: Dave
Tuesday, May 7th 2002 (12:03am)

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