How many different languages can you say "Oh my God! There's an axe in my head!" in? Thanks to this site, 102!
By: Dave
Friday, Jul 12th 2002 (12:11am)
If the dark gray on darker gray color scheme around here bugs ya, help yourself to the new cat-lovers theme - that'll brighten up your experience here.
By: Dave
Friday, Jul 5th 2002 (1:16am)
Somebody care to tell me what the hell is going on with this website? After looking at it for a couple of minutes, I had to go lie down for a while to regain my composure.
By: Dave
Friday, Jun 14th 2002 (12:30am)
I've always thought that cybersex was pathetically ridiculous, but in the right hands, an IM cyber session can turn into the funniest damn thing you'll read all week. Meet Amber Forever, a supposed 14-year-old girl who takes on the webpervs and cranks out pure comedy gold. BraVO!
By: Dave
Wednesday, Jun 12th 2002 (12:19am)
Is your homepage starting to look a little, uh, bulgy around the middle? Is it craving bizarre food and tossing 404 errors every morning? It might be PREGNIT!
By: Dave
Wednesday, Jun 5th 2002 (12:26am)
Bummer - the Bat Phone has been disconnected due to 900-number abuse. I blame Dick.
By: Dave
Thursday, May 30th 2002 (12:16am)
Check it out - with the Ass-O-Tron, you can add a moon or two to any website!
By: Dave
Wednesday, May 29th 2002 (12:35am)
Everyone online has at one time or another contemplated on just what it would take to bring the whole thing down - well, here's how it can be done, and it's not as hard as you'd think. Spooky.
By: Dave
Monday, May 27th 2002 (12:24am)
Hi, this site is all about sorority girls, REAL SORORITY GIRLS.
By: Madkow
Sunday, May 26th 2002 (10:10pm)
There's lots of great big websites out there, but here is the smallest one. It even has pong! Better crank your resolution down to 640x480 for this one!
By: Dave
Saturday, May 25th 2002 (12:14am)
Hi, this site is all about ninjas, REAL NINJAS. This site is awesome. My name is Robert and I can't stop thinking about ninjas. These guys are cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet.

By: Madkow
Tuesday, May 14th 2002 (12:35pm)
There are millions of sites on this interweb thingy, and the Davelog ranks as the 1,640,241th most popular site, according to Alexa, an Amazon-ian web ranking service. Man, we've come a long way from 1,726,418th!
By: Dave
Tuesday, May 7th 2002 (12:03am)
Go to right now. They will send you a dollar!*

*Dollar promise will not be kept

By: Scott
Thursday, Mar 28th 2002 (10:59pm)

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