...with the Draganflyer III, a remote controlled helicopter with a spy camera on it! Gotta have one!
By: Dave
Friday, May 24th 2002 (12:07am)
Tired of waking up and having to wait for your morning java to brew? Are you one of those groggy early morning types that just needs that extra kick? Know any programmers who dont regularly bathe and need some special motivation? Introducing Shower Shock, the caffeinated soap from ThinkGeek.
By: Dave
Thursday, May 23rd 2002 (12:25am)
Summer is rapidly descending upon us - temperatures here in Phoenix have already topped 100 - and yet I stay cool and refreshed in my non-air conditioned '72 bug. How? Cool Shirt!
By: Dave
Wednesday, May 1st 2002 (11:28pm)
If he or she is not wearing Yo My Booties, then your baby is definately not hip.
By: Scott
Tuesday, Apr 30th 2002 (7:17pm)
If you're like me, sometimes ya gotta get up in the wee hours (har har) to take a leak - and nothing chases the sleepies away like turning on that bathroom light. Well, salvation is on the way, thanks to Jonny Glow! Now you can whiz in the dark and hit the target every time! They even have a theme song!
By: Dave
Tuesday, Apr 30th 2002 (12:16am)

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