Apparantly all you need is a camera, a studio audience, and an orange 'fro, and you can kick people in the nuts all day long! Where do I sign up?
By: Dave
Wednesday, Oct 8th 2003 (7:30am)
As Dave would say, "the holy trinity of movies are boobs, explosions, and car chases" - I'd bet Concrete TV would say the same. Click it, and grab yerself a diaper. This shit rocks.
By: Hellvis
Saturday, Sep 13th 2003 (2:55pm)
Who could ever forget The State, MTV's sketch comedy show (and quite frankly, the only thing of value to come from MTV since Liquid TV and Headbanger's Ball went off the air)? What a great show that was. If you don't remember it (and especially if ya do), here's every episode in quicktime!
By: Dave
Thursday, Sep 4th 2003 (12:02am)
Near as I can tell, this is some kinda Japanese variant of the Gong Show. This particular clip is disturbing on many, many levels.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Sep 2nd 2003 (12:03am)
Thanks to laws that require equal airtime availability for political candidates, Arnold Schwarzenegger's films may not be shown on local TV stations in California in the run-up to elections for the state's governor.
By: Dave
Thursday, Aug 14th 2003 (12:01am)
Do you have that website of rectal foreign bodies bookmarked? Do you secretly thrill when reading about freak impaling accidents? If so, FOX has a show coming up for you this Thursday that will surely set your heart aflutter, you twisted freak, you.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Jul 29th 2003 (12:08am)
Even as a kid, I knew that the Transformers were the shit and the GoBots were lame, but it wasn't until I saw this clip that I found out how truly gay the GoBots were.
By: Dave
Saturday, Jul 19th 2003 (12:06am)
Well if you didn't know then you better axe somebody! Ren
and Stimpy are BACK!
And Gayer than ever apparently. Why just watch this clip if you don't believe me. But who is the pitcher and who is the catcher?
By: Scott
Thursday, Jun 19th 2003 (12:29pm)
What makes a single dad on TV? If you think this is an easy question to answer, guess again. Wide boundaries outline the category of "Single Dads" on TV.
By: Some Nobody
Thursday, Jun 12th 2003 (11:05am)
Apparently Spike thinks that since his name is Spike that he owns the name, and word. Poor Volleyball players, what will they do with the ball instead of hitting it hard in a downward motion!?
By: Scott
Wednesday, Jun 4th 2003 (1:19pm)
How much you wanna bet FOX is gonna run this?
By: Jojo
Thursday, Apr 24th 2003 (6:59am)
If you thought "Married By America" was the harshest, worst reality TV since Jerry Springer... THINK AGAIN!
By: Dave
Wednesday, Apr 16th 2003 (12:38am)
In amongst the top 10 television gems here, is Elton White singing “my three-feet red-hot tongue is sweet as sugar.” Not good enough for you? More you scream? How about a self-defense guru who distracts himself with a light saber? Drunken Orson Welles? Oh yeah, and they have Anna Nicole Smith. Shocker.
By: faedra
Monday, Feb 24th 2003 (9:41pm)
Nobody's asked what Al thinks.
By: Madkow
Saturday, Feb 22nd 2003 (11:58am)
When I first heard about this I admit that I thought it was a joke. But now there is a cast. I guess it is real! What is it? NYPD 2069!

Let's just hope Sipowicz's Ass isn't on display in some futuristic Cop Ass Museum!
By: Scott
Thursday, Feb 13th 2003 (6:03am)
The Learning Channel brazenly asks "What are kids learning on the Internet?"
By: Dave
Monday, Jan 6th 2003 (12:12am)
In the UK, they are not to be outdone by shows like Fear Factor and Jackass. They have added their own little spin on it though, like having folks compete to see who can stare at a dog's ass the longest.
By: faedra
Tuesday, Dec 24th 2002 (6:16am)
It's been rumored that Kenny was going to come back this season - and last night, HE DID! If ya missed it, catch the rerun this weekend!
By: Dave
Thursday, Dec 12th 2002 (12:14am)
TV shows are pretty mind-numbing stuff, but occasionally, a series will have an episode that elevates it far above its' normal stature: Mister Hooper's death on Sesame Street. 'Blue Boy' on Dragnet. The Who concert tramplings on WKRP. The episode of Diff'rent Strokes where Arnold and Dudley get hammered on wine and molested.
By: Dave
Monday, Oct 28th 2002 (12:24am)
Wait until you get a load of the Star Girls from Planet Groove!

To quote:
fun and play tricks on everyone.
She will make you laugh, she loves to play,
for her every day's a party day.
Cheeky zips around at the speed of light,
she is super sonic out of sight.
Her star is energized with purple power,
she is full of surprises and sends Star Power!"

Oh brother...I'm going to be ill...
By: m0j0
Monday, Sep 23rd 2002 (7:39am)
With a little selective listening, the proof comes out: Mr. Rogers is a perv. Who knew?
By: Dave
Thursday, Sep 12th 2002 (12:06am)
Proving that ABC NEWS and Good Morning America are on top of every breaking news story out there, the GMA Crew and thier weatherman were duped by a group of actors from a show that appears on their own network!
By: Scott
Friday, Sep 6th 2002 (11:05am)
Teenage Pregnancy Unit in Britain is blaming it's teenage pregnancy rate on a Benny Hill culture. I guess that episode where he walks into the changing room at the YWCA gave boys more ideas than anyone realized.
By: faedra
Monday, Aug 26th 2002 (7:34am)
Conan O'Brien will be hosting this years Emmy Awards. If they don't have Triumph doing the preshow interviews they should all be shot!
By: Scott
Wednesday, Jul 24th 2002 (12:16am)

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