The author started collecting the stories that make up the Darwin Awards in 1993, while he was doing biological research at Stanford University. He found them in newspaper articles from around the world and once he verified their legitimacy, he rewrote them for a small mailing list of friends. And the rest is history... 2003 begins with cockfighting and brothel thieving!
By: j20
Friday, Oct 10th 2003 (11:21am)
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A couple who died after their car plunged into a river while they were having sex may have been pushed, an inquest heard yesterday.
By: Dave
Monday, Oct 6th 2003 (12:21am)
If you're having trouble keeping up with the mass amounts of dying celebrities of late (har har), check out the Dead People Server, an invaluable internet resource for morbid fucks like you. And me.
By: Dave
Saturday, Sep 27th 2003 (12:02am)
Florida industrial rockers Hell on Earth are planning to host an on-stage suicide during their October 4th show at St. Petersburg's State Theater. A terminally ill member of a euthanasia society, whose identity and condition have not been revealed, intends to raise awareness for the cause of dying with dignity by committing suicide during the concert, according to the band's singer, Billy Tourtelot.
By: Dave
Saturday, Sep 20th 2003 (12:02am)
Don't let the ex-wife and mistress pick my headstone.
By: Dave
Friday, Aug 29th 2003 (8:03am)
A Cambodian teenager suffocated when a fish he caught jumped out of his hands and lodged in his throat, newspapers reported today.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Aug 20th 2003 (7:22am)
Elevator kills and beheads man, traps woman for 15 minutes with severed head. Reminds me a lot of a certain flick!
By: Dave
Wednesday, Aug 20th 2003 (7:06am)
A fight over a box of cookies killed two women and injured seven others in a remote area of northwestern Pakistan, police said Friday.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Aug 13th 2003 (12:01am)
There's a site dedicated to Cheney and his health adventures, as well as highlighting the race to the grave, masturbation and more. By the way.. it'll be 974 days if he makes it through this night.
By: rockstar
Thursday, Jul 24th 2003 (8:58pm)
British police charged two men with manslaughter Tuesday following the death of an Oxford University student who was flung from a giant catapult.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Jul 16th 2003 (7:00am)
Authorities in Irvine say 30-year-old Joseph Parker killed two people and wounded three others with a samurai sword at the Albertsons market where he used to bag groceries. Police then shot and killed Parker.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Jul 1st 2003 (12:07am)
Philip Nitschke, known as Australia's Dr. Death, demonstrated his new Carbon Monoxide Generator on Saturday to about 200 mostly elderly people at a packed conference in Sydney called 'Killing Me Softly'.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Jun 3rd 2003 (12:02am)
The brains of at least 20,000 people, many of them depressed or mentally ill when they died, were removed without their families' consent over a 30-year period, a senior government doctor reported Monday.
By: Dave
Tuesday, May 13th 2003 (12:09am)
It's hard to find a good quality piece of cow or pig in the supermarket nowadays. In South Africa, people are taking things into their own hands and using themselves as dinner meat. But aren't most African natives skinny? I want meat on the bones dammit!
By: chimpy
Wednesday, May 7th 2003 (8:15am)
A man in his 50s had jumped from a bridge 40ft above — with a wire noose around his neck. He was decapitated and his body plunged to the ground.
By: faedra
Saturday, Mar 29th 2003 (6:52pm)
Dave told me to go ahead and post it; personally, I found it to be maybe a bit too shocking... hyuk hyuk hyuk!
By: Hellvis
Wednesday, Mar 26th 2003 (11:44am)
An elderly couple committed suicide in a motel room and were thoughtful enough to leave $200 and an apology for the cleanup crew.
By: Dave
Friday, Mar 21st 2003 (4:48am)
"China is equipping its courts with mobile execution vans as it shifts away from the communist system's traditional bullet in the head, towards a more "civilised" use of lethal injection."

I think we need like 40 of these things in Phoenix alone.
By: Hellvis
Tuesday, Mar 18th 2003 (9:50am)
Almost every town has a festival. Nederland is making its mark with "Frozen Dead Guy Days."
By: Dave
Wednesday, Mar 12th 2003 (12:02am)
A man who was being fatally stabbed described the attack to a 911 dispatcher as it was happening, saying "I'm dead" at one point, authorities said Wednesday.
By: Dave
Friday, Feb 21st 2003 (1:21am)
What tag to use? Obituaries? Yuck? Death? Creepy? For news like this, you almost need one that just has a picture of static or better yet - one thats just black...

FUCK. This is WAY bad. I say kill em. Miskatonic style. Over and over and over and over again...
By: Hellvis
Tuesday, Feb 18th 2003 (12:06am)
Need to get a message to someone in the hereafter? With Afterlife Telegrams, you can - they give your message to a terminal patient, who then croaks and ultimately delivers your telegram.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Feb 11th 2003 (12:15am)
Why should you get hauled off to the family plot in a boring black wagon? Instead, have your corpse carted away in a motorcycle hearse!
By: Dave
Friday, Feb 7th 2003 (12:13am)
A ‘corpse’ stunned Italian mourners gathered around his coffin by coming back from the dead and asking for a glass of water.
By: Dave
Thursday, Jan 23rd 2003 (12:36am)
The world is overpopulated. The people that overpopulate it are stupid. They should be killed. Please help us achieve this noble goal virtually by participating in the Kill Everyone Project.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Jan 8th 2003 (12:14am)

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