Namely, ya don't fuck around with lions.
By: Dave
Tuesday, May 17th 2005 (6:00am)
What he wants, ultimately, are separate societies, segregated on the basis of skin color. Whites here, blacks there, brown-skinned, red-skinned and yellow-skinned people there, there and there, each in control of their own pieces of real estate.

I post this as interesting mainly because I'm surprised this philosophy is still apparently going strong in Detroit. And if Detroit Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick endorses him he's gotta be bona fide...right?
By: timmy242
Tuesday, May 10th 2005 (9:49am)
Many scholars would agree that, had it not been for active networks, the simulation of Lamport clocks might never have occurred.

Introduction to a bogus computer-generated paper entitled Rooter: A Methodology for the Typical Unification of Access Points and Redundancy.

Just goes to show how academia is still way, way outta touch with reality. Now, let's all reintegrate our paradigms at the intersection of anomaly and try not to obfuscate the semantic meaning of this lesson.
By: timmy242
Thursday, Apr 21st 2005 (12:03pm)
...comes 'Rice My Cart'!
By: Dave
Tuesday, Apr 19th 2005 (8:58am)
A month or so ago, we reported on a posit involving how many 5-year-olds you could take down before they brought you to your knees. Looks like this guy has taken the next step, from vague postulation to strength analysis and risk assessment of a specific kindergarten class. It's on!
By: Dave
Friday, Apr 15th 2005 (9:54am)
Meet Gary Stern, head honcho of the last pinball manufacturer on earth. Man, I miss the heyday of pinball.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Apr 6th 2005 (9:09am)
Or at least easier to do tricks with.

Amazing stuff.

Special thanks to Spaceman_spiff for the linkage.
By: Scott
Monday, Apr 4th 2005 (2:07am)
The question has been posed: How many 5-year-olds could you take down? Like Boho-Daddy's monkey-jockeyed pig races, this needs to be an olympic event.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Mar 22nd 2005 (12:01am)
Removing the cigarette from Sartre's lips.
By: Dave
Monday, Mar 14th 2005 (4:12am)
A friend and I were talking about these new combat robots, and he was going on about the fact that they violate Isaac Asimov's laws of robotics. This conversation prompted me to go home and jump on the net, where I delved into the history of robots. Came across other cool links on the subject, like the Victorian Robot Hoax, and mileposts in the history of computing, like the first computer bug.
By: boho-daddy
Saturday, Feb 19th 2005 (12:14pm)
(more)   [Comments: 0]
...but Palm Island Jumeira looks a bit dickish.
By: Dave
Monday, Jan 31st 2005 (12:03am)
I loves me some abandoned stuff. Subways, old houses, that kind of stuff. But there's one topic of abandon that, for some reason, really grabs a hold of my attention: hospitals. Time to scratch the itch, cause this one is a peach.
By: scooter1979
Friday, Jan 7th 2005 (12:59pm)
He stacks cards.
By: Dave
Thursday, Jan 6th 2005 (12:04am)
Start your year out right by taking a hard look at how you deal with life. Hack Yourself offers a thought-provoking philosophy that will help.
By: Dave
Monday, Jan 3rd 2005 (12:02am)
A baby born prematurely mostly do to the tragic events in Asia has a name befitting of the tragedy. Tsunami Roy. Roy? ha! What a wacky name.
By: Scott
Saturday, Jan 1st 2005 (2:46pm)
I first heard about the buried treasure mystery as a kid. I always wanted to go there and figure it out, but now I know that you have to buy rights to do so.
By: J20
Wednesday, Dec 29th 2004 (7:00am)
Planned Parenthood in Waco has come up with a novel way of forcing the protesters into a no-win scenario: the Picket Pledge Drive. Bra-VO, Tex!
By: Dave
Thursday, Dec 23rd 2004 (8:04am)
To put in perspective on just how the hell did we get into this mess, here is the complete timeline up to 9/11/01.
By: J20
Monday, Nov 22nd 2004 (11:30am)
Helpful in many odd situations? Absolutely!

They teach you how to do all the things nobody taught you in school.

(Nod to scoots who deep linked here a few months back!)
By: Mr._Dog
Sunday, Nov 21st 2004 (5:42pm)
Maybe you deposit it at the dream bank?
By: Mr._Dog
Sunday, Oct 31st 2004 (2:52am)
If you're in the Irvine, CA area this next weekend, check out the live production of Spock's Brain, re-enacted word for word on the stage. Impress your date by shouting out dialogue a second before the actors do!
By: Dave
Friday, Oct 29th 2004 (12:03am)
To be done in by a can of Dew?
By: Mr._Dog
Thursday, Oct 14th 2004 (10:58am)
After a long hybernation, Mount St. Helens and it's cam are back. By the looks of it, they are using the original cam.
By: J20
Monday, Sep 27th 2004 (11:39pm)
Some interesting numbers about our world.
By: jonesman
Friday, Sep 17th 2004 (12:05am)
Is it just me, or does the cover of the new issue of Time magazine look a little familiar?
By: Dave
Monday, Sep 13th 2004 (12:08am)

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