Girls, are you tired of spending your evening staring at your mobile, waiting for a man to call?

Guys, does your girlfriend wait up all night whilst you're out with the lads, waiting for you to call her?

Well no longer, help is at hand!
By: Hellvis
Wednesday, Apr 16th 2003 (12:38am)
George Foreman, the ex boxing marketing genius that he is, has now come out with the USB compatible iGrill!
By: indigo_sky
Wednesday, Apr 9th 2003 (12:33pm)
You KNOW you want one!
By: Hellvis
Tuesday, Mar 18th 2003 (9:58am)
...and the doctor said, "No! I said I need a BUTT light!"
By: Hellvis
Thursday, Feb 27th 2003 (12:09am)
Fuck that! I want one!
By: Hellvis
Wednesday, Feb 12th 2003 (3:04am)
Siemens proves it is keeping abreast of changing tastes with the launch of the Xelibri mobile phone.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Feb 5th 2003 (12:14am)
Techs and toys go hand in hand - but these toys are so ghey they don't even come close.
By: Hellvis
Friday, Jan 24th 2003 (11:34pm)
Someone got a little bit more... daring (financially that is) and created a couple ala Winnie The Pooh as well as a nice Mickey Mouse Hand too!
By: Hellvis
Wednesday, Jan 22nd 2003 (1:55pm)
And that's just what they do! One of these days these boots will make a geek right outta you...
By: Hellvis
Monday, Dec 23rd 2002 (12:00am)
"When Jim Bristoe told his wife he wanted to build a cannon that would shoot a pumpkin a mile, she told him he wasn't all there.

But he built one anyway, with a 30-foot-long barrel. It is powered by a 700-gallon air tank and is appropriately named "Ain't All There." It looks much like a mobile anti-aircraft gun."

It appears the public is inching EVER so closer to dream invention: the meat catapult. Maybe humanity is as far-fucked as was initially perceived...
By: Hellvis
Friday, Oct 18th 2002 (1:40pm)
Sharp has come up with a 3D Television that will split images up between your left and right eye the same way 3D glasses do but without the glasses. The implications for the future of Video Games are amazing.
By: Scott
Tuesday, Oct 1st 2002 (12:15am)
If it's on a disk, Malata will play it.
By: faedra
Tuesday, Sep 10th 2002 (3:17pm)
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I've worked with some people who had the worst diets in the world. This food would eventually take it's toll on their digestive track and I'd be subjected to ass gass clouds that would make me tear up like a lost 4-year-old in a mall.

If only I had access to a Fart Filter. Life would have been so much better.
By: chimpy
Tuesday, Sep 3rd 2002 (1:55pm)
It seemed as if everyone responded with joy when I pulled out my cellbaby cellphone. No longer was I scorned in the coffee shop or abused on the bus, everyone loved my cellbaby; "Oh it is soooo cute!" people would say with a big smile on their face. That made me so happy.
By: Some Nobody
Monday, Aug 19th 2002 (12:27am)
Wow, this is the most amazing innovation I've ever SEEN!
By: Madkow
Sunday, Jun 9th 2002 (6:08pm)
All you guys can crap in your toilets, someone else's toilets or a hole for all I care.

I'm dumping my next log into a iToilet!!
By: chimpy
Thursday, May 16th 2002 (8:43am)
I want one of these things, even though for some strange reason it terrifies me.
By: Dave
Friday, Apr 19th 2002 (6:58pm)

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