Science may confirm that the Earth is, in fact, a sphere and not flat, but there are still hundreds of thousands of people who believe otherwise.
By: spam_vigilante
Saturday, Feb 16th 2019 (9:45am)
Friday, February 15th
Thursday, February 14th
Intended to only function for 90 days, NASA's Mars rover Opportunity has finally given up the ghost after nearly 15 years, losing contact with Earth after a fierce dust storm.

You done good, little fella. Time to rest.
By: dave
Thursday, Feb 14th 2019 (5:38am)
Yeah, they exist only for bills and junk. Nobody sends you pics of the kids or long letters any longer. So what? Welcome your mailman with something sweet.
By: spam_vigilante
Thursday, Feb 14th 2019 (3:21am)
Wednesday, February 13th
We thought we’d seen it all when it comes to unusual and unique hotels. Then, we found Wing’s Castle of New York. This storybook cottage had us rubbing our eyes– are those elephants? The castle began, as so many magical things did, as a 1969 reverie…
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Wednesday, Feb 13th 2019 (4:00am)
Tuesday, February 12th
What do we say to the God of Death? Nothing – just offer him some cheese!
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Tuesday, Feb 12th 2019 (3:50am)
Monday, February 11th
Killer whales, Japanese aphids and Homo sapiens — they're among the few organisms whose females live on long past the age of reproduction.
By: spam_vigilante
Monday, Feb 11th 2019 (12:49am)
Yep, 40 years since Walter Hill's vision of gang culture in NYC first appeared. The movie holds up after all these years, and there's even a run of action figures from one:12 coming out in short order to help commemorate. It's been far too long since I last watched it, I'll be firing up the director's cut this week!
By: dave
Monday, Feb 11th 2019 (12:01am) | Thanks: digg
Saturday, February 9th
Early detection, early cure. The stats on this test as opposed to traditional methods are pretty astounding.
By: spam_vigilante
Saturday, Feb 9th 2019 (2:07am)
Friday, February 8th
Frank Robinson was an American outfielder and manager in Major League Baseball who played for five teams from 1956 to 1976, and became the only player to be named the Most Valuable Player of both the National League and American League
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Friday, Feb 8th 2019 (6:27am)
First, we have a choir singing at Georgia's Got Talent.
Next, we have the song played by a bunch of guys on boomwhackers.
By: spam_vigilante
Friday, Feb 8th 2019 (12:46am) | Thanks: Miss C
Thursday, February 7th
For these guys, all a full moon does is further intensify their resentment toward Earth's partner in the sky.
By: dave
Thursday, Feb 7th 2019 (12:00am) | Thanks: digg
Wednesday, February 6th
If you ain't yelling at the screen nor dressed in drag, you're missing out on all the fun.
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, Feb 6th 2019 (9:00am)
Tuesday, February 5th
I'm not sure which visual image I'm more amused by, teenagers with fake ID's saying they're over 100, or 3 30-year-olds stacked up under a big trenchcoat trying to score some smokes.
By: dave
Tuesday, Feb 5th 2019 (7:26am)
Monday, February 4th
So 60 days in the fridge isn't enough for you, you have to coat the hunka beef in butter first? Somewhat surprising results.
By: spam_vigilante
Monday, Feb 4th 2019 (8:14am)
About a year ago, Mattel announced Flushin' Frenzy would be a thing. Now it is, and it's on sale at the walmarts.
By: dave
Monday, Feb 4th 2019 (12:05am) | Thanks: bdutton
Sunday, February 3rd
Yeah, it's barely nutritious but quite honestly, I have never had a bad experience at these places. I took my daughter at age ten to one and she could not stop eating the sliders. She went back for seconds and thirds.
By: spam_vigilante
Sunday, Feb 3rd 2019 (12:00am)
Saturday, February 2nd
Forget that silly rumor that they thought their souls were being stolen if their pictures were taken. Here are some very striking images of these proud people.
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Saturday, Feb 2nd 2019 (7:03am)
Friday, February 1st
Long admired for its pioneering spirit in the field of sausagery, Germany has found a way to up their game even further - the Bratwurst Hotel features not only a fine 'wurstaraunt' where you can enjoy a nice sausage beverage and some frankfurter ice cream, but a general sausage theme to the entire establishment, including room numbers printed on meat cleavers and sausage wallpaper in all the rooms.

Me gusta.
By: dave
Friday, Feb 1st 2019 (12:00am) | Thanks: bash
Thursday, January 31st
So you thought you knew the story of Pinocchio and Geppetto? Think again. Jay Ward really was a genius.
By: spam_vigilante
Thursday, Jan 31st 2019 (10:16am)
Check out this kickstarter that's selling simulated black holes via an array of carbon nanotubes that absorb over 99% of the light around them, making it the darkest thing you'll probably ever see with your own eyes.
By: dave
Thursday, Jan 31st 2019 (12:00am) | Thanks: awesomer

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