I don't think I've ever heard him play acoustic before this. Now you have also.
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Sunday, May 20th 2018 (12:01am)
Saturday, May 19th
Because Tigers, lions, leopards (and every other species of cat) spend so much time grooming themselves, we decided to show them what they look like and we got some hilarious results!

From our friends at Big Cat Rescue.
By: spam_vigilante
Saturday, May 19th 2018 (10:45pm)
Friday, May 18th
Not just any man and not just any blood. James Harrison has unique, disease-fighting antibodies in his system. Here is the story on the good this man did over that time period.

You might not have such unique antibodies in you but I will still get on a soapbox for a minute or two here. Give blood. Give plasma. Costs you nothing but a few minutes; it might save a life.
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Friday, May 18th 2018 (12:00am)
Thursday, May 17th
The pages were hidden by sheets of gummed brown paper, and modern science has enabled us to read what's hidden beneath - dirty jokes and sexytime talk.
By: dave
Thursday, May 17th 2018 (12:01am) | Thanks: mefi
Watch an artist transform a room in this time lapse video clip.
By: spam_vigilante
Thursday, May 17th 2018 (12:01am)
Its 300 wooden buildings were all connected, built without professional architects and often some grew wider as they got higher. From the sky it looked as if the mid-rise slums of of Asian megacities (already quite dense) had been put into a giant trash compactor that smushed them together.
By: dave
Thursday, May 17th 2018 (12:01am) | Thanks: Sunny
Wednesday, May 16th
(surprisingly safe for work)

Holidays are becoming too commercial, it's true. However, it’s good to see that some traditions never change, such as people enjoying some festivity-related porn searches. It was May the Fourth (Star Wars Day) last Friday, and many celebrated such a blessed day by, in Luke’s own words, keeping "it on manual control for a while.”

To give an insight into the porn habits of the Jedi and Sith of our galaxy, Pornhub has released its Star Wars-related data. On May 4, 2017, the website registered an increase of 1,043 percent in Star Wars-related searches compared to the daily average. Yoda is wrong – size appears to matter. And we can totally judge.

Among the searched terms that had a surge, we find various iterations of the franchise title plus words such as "sex", "lesbian", "porn", "anal", "xxx", and "parody". "Princess Leia" and "Princess Leia" slave also received a boost. Surprisingly, the search term that got the biggest boost was "lightsaber", with a whopping 766 percent increase above the daily average. Clearly, the phallic metaphor of the lightsabers persists.
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, May 16th 2018 (12:00am) | Thanks: IFLS
Tuesday, May 15th
Farewell to Tom Wolfe, the impeccably attired author and early practitioner of groundbreaking "New Journalism" of the 1960s, as he died on Monday in a Manhattan hospital.

Wolfe, widely regarded as one of the top American journalists of the 20th century, focused his keen eye and explosive writing style on subjects from the Merry Pranksters to the early days of the space race before turning to fiction.

His best-selling books included non-fiction like "The Right Stuff," his riveting account of America's first astronauts, and fiction like "The Bonfire of the Vanities" — his scathing satire of New York City in the '80s.
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Tuesday, May 15th 2018 (10:23am)'s the decent thing to do. The HUMAN thing to do. That being said, this lady's fucking nuts.
By: dave
Tuesday, May 15th 2018 (12:00am) | Thanks: billnye
As federal crimes go, this one seems to have been ridiculously easy to pull off. Dushaun Henderson-Spruce submitted a U.S. Postal Service change of address form on Oct. 26, 2017, according to court documents. He requested changing a corporation's mailing address from an address in Atlanta to the address of his apartment on Chicago's North Side.
By: dave
Tuesday, May 15th 2018 (12:00am) | Thanks: /.
Monday, May 14th
His quest to receive proper compensation illuminates the struggle for artists’ rights, and how decades-old grievances become coded into rock and roll mythology.
By: dave
Monday, May 14th 2018 (12:00am) | Thanks: digg
An Australian behavior modification study has recently shown that sharks will respond favorably to jazz, but are baffled by classical music. Get with the program, Bruces - there's more to music than just eating to bebop.
By: dave
Monday, May 14th 2018 (12:00am)
If you've been to a seafood restaurant or market, you probably saw a tank full of live lobsters, waiting to be eaten. Some places even let you pick out the lobsters you want to eat. But why are lobsters boiled alive and not other animals like pigs or chickens? The answer may surprise you, and it's more than just about the taste.
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Monday, May 14th 2018 (12:00am)
Sunday, May 13th
Here is a cute little public video. Watch closely in this text conversation amongst siblings and what to get Mom for the holiday.
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Sunday, May 13th 2018 (7:03am)
Okay, so it can relate to more than just your ambition to get ahead in your career. Every reference in this article by Ryan Holiday points to getting the job and getting the job done.

Are you inspired now?
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Sunday, May 13th 2018 (12:00am)
This Mother's Day, learn how a wildlife photographer formed an unusual connection with a bobcat family in Texas.
By: dave
Sunday, May 13th 2018 (12:00am) | Thanks: digg
Saturday, May 12th
Back in 1982, a group of young Star Wars fans trekked into the California desert to crash the outdoor set of Return of the Jedi, and this seven-minute video of scenes from the Sail Barge, featuring Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, Slave Leia and Boba Fett, was the result.
By: spam_vigilante
Saturday, May 12th 2018 (12:00am)
Friday, May 11th
It's 3 p.m.! Let's watch Angela Lansbury touch herself in the tub!
By: dave
Friday, May 11th 2018 (3:00pm) | Thanks: beppo
This plane made from and powered by cannabis is a triumph for both hemp advocates and environmental activists.

Getting high has never been more literal. Someone just built the world’s first plane made from and powered by cannabis. Not only does this totally functional plane run on 100 percent hemp oil, but it was made entirely from cannabis. Everything from the seats, the wings, the plane walls and even the pillows contains hemp.
By: spam_vigilante
Friday, May 11th 2018 (12:02am)
Death penalty states have quite the conundrum on their hands - nobody will sell them the chemicals they need to perform executions any more. In an effort to keep enforcing capital punishment without getting too messy, they are now looking to the Death With Dignity types for inspiration and considering the use of nitrogen to make the process painless for everyone.
By: dave
Friday, May 11th 2018 (12:02am) | Thanks: /.
Thursday, May 10th
The thought of terraforming an entire planet is likely more science fiction than science fact. For example, in this clip, we are presented with the idea of starting the process with nuclear bombs. Someone didn't think of residual radiation.

Also, Mars has no magnetic field. The solar wind particles would rip most of the atmosphere away and dry up all the water.
By: spam_vigilante
Thursday, May 10th 2018 (12:00am)
A 42-year-old Pennsylvania man is facing an assault and harassment charges after allegedly beating his mother with a Star Wars light saber, according to court records.
By: dave
Thursday, May 10th 2018 (12:00am) | Thanks: jedi clampett
Wednesday, May 9th
Whoa: After 27 years, we’re finally seeing more of Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted “Theodore” Logan. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a third 'Bill & Ted' movie is officially in the works.

After 1989’s "Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure" and 1991’s "Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey," Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter will return for "Bill & Ted Face the Music." The script comes from the original creators, Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon and "Galaxy Quest's" Dean Parisot will direct it.
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Wednesday, May 9th 2018 (12:00am)

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